Monday, May 17, 2010

what a barrell!

Unreal photo sequence of Keala Kennelly getting a monster barrel right on the beach at Puerto Escondido. She was towed into that wave, but still...

Kai Lenny got third in the second event of the Standup World Tour (as they call it).

Looks like they are going to run the Chile Big Wave Invitational on Wednesday.

This is bad news enough if you windsurf (wavesail) and surf. If you only surf, it's REALLY bad news.
El Nino has gone and La Nina is around the corner. Way more wind, way less waves.

And since I don't like posts with no photos, I'm going to post this lovely lady that came as an attachment to an email that said:
Good day!

I received a notice from dating sites I told your email and told you to look for a partner for serious relationship.

I also look for a partner so I get your email. We could start a correspondence and to know each other better. My profile on XXXXXX Helen_Z. I'll be very happy if you reply to me and send them to me as some of your pictures. And this is the beginning of our correspondence.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

My name is Helen.

What can I say.
I like this kind of spam better than paper in the mailbox...

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Anonymous said...

She's been going w/o a bra a bit too long. =\
But nice face. =)