Thursday, September 15, 2005

bid waves, north and south

This week there has been a big NW swell and a huge S swell in Hawaii. I am in Italy jelously checking the reports. Here's one from Glenn:

"It has been absolutely killer these past two days...on Tuesday I sailed Hookipa in over mast high conditions...had the best two waves of my life...then yesterday I sailed Kalama park in mast high condition....the wind was a bit funky but the waves were super sweet! After sailing I checkout Freight Trains...I have never seen such a beautiful wave in my life...the big sets were double overhead and all of the crazy Oahu surfers were here dropping into the sickest barrels...I could not believe my eyes...I have a whole new respect for these guys."

Kalama park mast high?!?!
Why? What did I do to deserve this?? Why is this happening to me???
I'm seriusly thinking about suicide... The think that will keep me alive is that I bought already the ticket to Costa Rica.... can't afford to waste money not even as a dead man!

If anybody has nice photos of these waves, please send them to me if smaller that 300K. If larger than that, hold on them until I get back to Maui (and to a high speed connection).

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