Tuesday, November 22, 2005

think about this while you stuff yourself of turkey...

The Fao (Food and Agricoltural Organitation of the United Nations) just published its annual report called "The state of food insecurity". You can download it at: http://download.repubblica.it/pdf/food2005.pdf
If you don't have time to read it, let me just summarize it in one sentence: every year 6 millions children in the world die of hunger.
Just because we were lucky to be born in a rich country doens't mean that we cannot try to help the poorest people or at least respect their struggles. Think about a little charity donation every month (unicef.org or whatever you like).
Be more careful when you buy/cook food, because at the same time you will throw away your leftovers, some children will be dieing for lack of food! And you could have given the money you spent on your leftovers for charity.
Think about it while you stuff yourself of turkey (quite an unhealthy food, by the way) at Thanksgiving...

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