Wednesday, June 06, 2007

me, Oly, the Firemen and Keith Taboul

Here's another little video of a fun little sesh two days ago.

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If you can't see it here, try here.

And here's a few photos from yesterday at Hoo: three very good sailors on Fire.
Here's Dioni's wave 360.

Here's Glenn's backloop (I gave up counting them).

Here's Andres aerial.

It looks like these guys are on a tandem board...

Here's our Firemen... somebody must have called 911!

Cute brazilian girls can loop. Giuliana proofs it.

A few more photos here.

Last, but not least, check this interview that I did with Keith Teboul and that Windsurfing mag published on their website.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, my favorite part is when you guys are just at the end talking about the duck tack. Even though I can't hear you.

cammar said...

Well, that's Oly teaching a guy on the beach... it's pretty funny, I agree.

Anonymous said...

The music in the background is so pleasant... the whole video reminds me of my own good times in Singapore...
Thanks for the video