Tuesday, September 13, 2011

good bye six pack...

Courtesy of that long lasting south swell, when I left for Italy I was in top shape and with a remarkable six pack...

...which is clearly gone now!

PS. Assuming everyone knows already about the NY ASP contest, I feel like mentioning that finally a PWA contest (the Klittmoller one) is being covered by some kind of live webcast.
'Bout time!
No live scores, but decent commentary by Skye and Swift (at least when I tuned in). I still can't really watch it though, because the conditions are horrible...

Ok ok, I'll take that back. Conditions were horrible compared ideal sideoff Cabo Verde kinda things, but, thanks to the fact that there were big (although messy) waves AND competent commentators, the webcast was still enjoyable.
Tons of things to improve to get to the amazing level of the ASP webcasts, but finally there was something that can be called webcast!!! Thanks a lot for that.

PPS. Next ASP contest is at Trestles and I'll watch that live. Cheers to that!

PPPS. Considering the amount of milk derivatives in those photos above, it's actually a good thing I won't be able to attend the Maui Vegetarian Society of Thursday September 15 at the Kaunoa Senior Center and learn how much harm I did to myself.

In the abstract you can read: Joseph Keon, author of Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow's Milk and Your Health, will show how North Americans unwittingly sabotage their health every day by drinking milk, how our obsession with calcium is unwarranted, and that the inclusion of dairy products in the diet may increase the risk of serious diseases, including prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers, Crohn¹s disease, and osteoporosis.
Oh well, I can always watch it later online on the VSH website: http://www.vsh.org/


gary boates said...

Cammar:I trust that you will at least be able to make it back to Maui? If not where can I apply for your life?

Living in farm country down here in Eastern Canada and we have 'uncovered' some of what went wrong in the dairy industry. Current facts as they are:
- it is the homogenization and not the pasteurization of milk that is causing most harm to humans
- not all varieties of cows' milk are suitable for human consumption

The first one needs a bit of explaining, the second is self-evident. Homogenization entails the breaking up of the milk fat until the fat particles are small. So small that they fail in two major ways. The first is that small fat particles fail to buffer the digestive system from the one remaining toxic enzyme still found in milk even after pasteurization. Before homog the clumps of fat surrounded this toxic enzyme and the gut was not so exposed. Secondly, the fat remaining after homog is so small that the gut does not 'see it' at the correct place for it to be digested properly.
Single mercury molecules floting in the air, single plastic molecules floating in the sea and single milkfat molecules floating thru our guts...Amazing how we continue to fu*k things up!

cammar said...

Yo Gary,

you (and all the other readers) will be able to apply for my life for at least June and July next year!
I plan on going to Indo and sub-renting my studio, car and eventually even my job! (that depends if they like you at the shop though...).
You'll hear more of that on the blog, for sure...

As for the milk thing. I'm no expert, but we are the only species on the planet that:
1) keep drinking milk after the weaning (svezzamento in italian.. had to look that up)
2) not only we do that, but we drink the milk of another species!!

That's enough violation of common sense for me.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious how americans talk about how cows milk is the cause of all evil.

If you compare the diet of the average American to the diet of the average Italian I think cows milk is the least of your problems.

Go into any Italian supermarket. Within 2 minutes running through the fresh food section you can assemble a super yummy fresh and healthy dinner, sandwich for lunch or a quick snack all for a few Euros.

Try doing the same in the US.

The photos made my mouth water :-)

cammar said...

Here's my main guideline (other than trying to avoid animals) when choosing food: if man made it, don't eat it! Yes, good luck with that in an american supermarket...
Thank god for Mana Foods!

Flo said...

Hi Cammar,

even though I know what you mean with

"I still can't really watch it though, because the conditions are horrible..."

it somehow comes across somwhat arrogant. I was in Klitmöller and even though it was far from side-off heaven, calling the conditions horrible is just unfair! Windsurfing is not always directly comparable to surfing, where perfection of the waves is top priority. Watching these guys saling in these insane conditions on Tuesday and actually ride these monsters was thrilling. I guess that was way, way harder than on any given day at Hookipa. No need really to tell you that the jumping was just as insane as the conditions. After all, Windsurfing is more than just perfect waves. Survival sailing is also another worthy aspect of this sport.

cammar said...

agree with you. I guess horrible was not the right word. The level of the sailors was insane.