Wednesday, April 18, 2012

best day of my life

Yesterday my foot hurt, my hip hurt, I didn't even get close to hit any lip... how is it possible that is was the best day of my life?
Did I meet the girl of my dreams?
Did I win the lottery?
You guys keep guessing, I'll tell you at the end.

Another horribly windy day. Some sailors don't mind. One of them is for sure Mark Angulo, who was all over the place. Photo of the day goes to him.



no discrimination of nationality, race, religion or... size on this blog



Victor sailed really well

things you can write on a Superfreak

Kauli. He let me try his board, but I didn't do that



Mark. Come on, stop being so freaking radical for a minute!


Kai K.

Timo, by looking at this photo I might have a little tip for your 360s, but I'm definitely not entitled so I'll wisely shut up


Session report.
Not much to report. I waited till very late when the wind finally got lighter. I was going out on my trusty Starboard, when I met Kauli and I asked him if I could try his board.
"Sure, go for it".
"How big is it?"
"55, you think you can do it?"
"Yeah, I got a 52 in my car..."

I like that. Just like SUP boards, the main windsurf board measurement should be the width. Then the volume... which in this case was 72.

Well, I do have a 52 in my car, but sure I don't use it when the wind is so marginal!
I definitely struggled a bit to pass the waves, but the main issue was to adapt to a board that rode in a way radically different than mine. I didn't manage to do anything good at all, but in a couple of sections I felt the potential of that board. Very surfy and loose, for sure.
"You have to keep it constantly on the rail", he said. "It needs a really good wave, like Cabo Verde, to give its best".

Been slacking on the job here. Today there will still be some waves. Then a couple of day of flattish conditions and after that there will be a NNW to N bump. This morning's weather map shows the related fetch and that to me looks like good stuff. Not particularly long period, but fun.
I'm guessing 10 seconds, head high at Hookipa. More hoping than guessing, actually.

This morning's weather map looks good for the south pacific too. Unfortunately that beautiful south to norht fetch east of NZ is not going to last long, but we'll have at least one good day of surf in a week. GP said so.

Here's what I posted yesterday on facebook.

Tonight a guy at Mana Food was asked how was his day.
He answered:”best day of my life!”
We were in the cereal section and I went like:”wow, tell us about it!”
But he smiled, shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything.

I think it wasn’t a “special day” for him, like I assumed.
I think it was just another day and just because it was another day and he looked pretty healthy, it was the best day of his life.

When I walked inside the store I was limping and bitching about the pain under my foot that I injured yesterday.
But when the cashier asked me how was my day, I answered:”best day of my life”.

Things that happen at Mana Foods...

So yesterday was the best day of my life. Until today...


Miss Fat Ass said...

Nice ass there, here's a closer look, just for you!

Anonymous said...

You beautiful behind made this the best day of Cammar's life, yet. What's not to like?