Monday, May 28, 2012

off to Indo

Tomorrow morning I'm out of here.

Maui is actually been fun lately, because the crazy strong wind (I was often on a 3.7) has brought a fun windswell that today was often head high.
And I'm gonna miss a fun 4-5 feet NW swell that will hit Friday, but I'm not too sorry about that.
Because hopefully I'll be on something like this.

A person who surfed it described it like Honolua Bay, but left and with few people. Sounds good to me.

Here's the Surfline Bali forecast.
I'll land there on the night of the 30th and as you can see, the waves are going to be relatively small for a couple of days.
Since getting to that wave takes two days (and that's the main reason why I hope that the crowd will be little), I decided to book a flight out of Bali already in the morning of the 31st and be ready for the long period SSW swell on the 2nd.
Let's see how the plan pans out, but I got a good feeling about it...

I just hope it's not gonna be as big as this.

Should have internet connection, so you guys stay tuned for updates. I got all kind of cameras with me.


Anonymous said...

Hey GP,
have a save trip and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

We want INDO REPORT!!!!!
Indo report we want!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeppers.... very hungry for Indo reports here.