Monday, February 04, 2013

little interview with Browsinho

I asked Browsinho a couple of questions yesterday.

For once that I remembered to put my hand around the microphone so that you can finally hear what the person has to say, I still fucked up by filming at very low resolution...
But that would not be a big deal, since it's just an interview, not an action clip.
The real problem is that I had to cut the first minute because it came out at super slow motion... what da?!?!

No big deal either, he was talking about the Storm Chase in Ireland thing which was mostly a commercial operation setup by Red Bull who need to spend a lot of money in marketing in order to sell their dreadful and very unhealth beverages.

The second part of the interview is the most interesting one, instead.
Nothing to sell (other than windsurfing gear, of course), but those guys sail Jaws mostly because:
- they can
- they like to push their limits
- they have fun doing it.

The one above is the most breath taking shot of that backloop off the lip I ask Browsinho about.
The whole sequence was shot by Jimmie Hepp and can be found in this gallery on facebook.
If you're not friend with him, just subscribe to his updates and you'll see windsurfing photos from Hookipa pretty much on a daily basis.
And you should do the same with me (Giampaolo Cammarota is my full name), since I post A LOT more stuff there. Just subscribe if you don't know me and don't friend me please. Thanks.

The brazilian sailor is not new to this kind of performances.
This is a shot I took of another huge backloop off the lip he attempted (and went off the back) on a Kona wind day at Lanes (dec 3).

And this is a table top off the lip he actually perfectly landed that same day which, IMO, was one of the most amazing windsurfing moves I've ever seen.
Let me remind you that:
1) the wind was very offshore, so he had to hit the lip very late in order to be pushed in front of the wave
2) any manouvre off the lip is at least 10 times more difficult than when done sailing out straight towards the incoming waves. Actually that is just a safe guess based on the fact that I once in a while do try a regular table top, but I would never-ever dare trying one off the lip...

Well, what the hell do i know, really...
Here. Looking for those shots, I just ran into this photo of me taken at Kanaha (dec 23) on a really big day (thanks Alex).
Needless to say, even though I did start a bottom turn, I ended up bailing and going straight once I realized how late I was.
Browsinho instead (or any of the top guys) would have gone up there and done something off the lip.

What I'm trying to say is that, despite the fact that I sail Hookipa almost every day, the skill level difference with these guys is nonetheless huge.
The level to which these guys have brought windsurfing in the last few years with all those rotations off the lip and the double jumps is ridicolously high.
I'm just so honored to sail together with them.
When I'm on a wave, I'm just as excited as when I'm done riding the wave and I'm sailing out in the channel and watching them doing their crazy stuff.

As a confirmation of that, here's one my most radical jumps that was caught by Jimmie lately... can you tell the difference? LOL!

Oh yeah, here's the interview! I almost forgot!

PS. Quite timely, as soon as I finished posting this Jake Miller posted his video of that day at Jaws. Unfortunately Browsinho's backloop off the lip is not there...

PPS. Oh wow! I also just learned that Katie "the cutie" McAnena has joined the Hot Sails Maui team!Enough brazilian guys, I can't wait to do a little interview with the most beautiful eyes of the windsurfing world as soon as she gets back to Maui!
Here's the link to the announcement.

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