Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday 4 30 18 morning call

Two SUP foiling and a shortboard session for me yesterday to celebrate a day that was 100% winter: lack of wind, size of waves and air temperature. Here's a few shots I took.

Kane is 17 and his dad bought him a foil for Christmas. He's now doing small airs.

Dylan tuning in his new Kalama board.

Going down with a smile.

Let's not forget the good old barrels.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

No indication of southerly energy at the buoys, the Surfline forecast calls for 2.4f 14s. I heard mixed reports yesterday, so I won't report them.

North shore
9.5ft @ 13s from 357° (N)
6.3ft @ 12s from 356° (N)
7.7ft @ 12s from 327° (NW)
4.4ft @ 9s from 337° (NNW)
3.2ft @ 10s from 327° (NW)
Still plenty energy at the buoys, below are the graphs of the two reported ones and the Surfline forecast as it looked yesterday. As you can see, the latter has a dip during the night, but then it should come back up to 11f 14s by 8am. Not sure it will go that high, but by looking at Hanalei, it should come back up some.
Wind map at 10am today, since that's the one that shows the strongest moment for a little Kona pulse. Will get lighter already at noon. Check all the maps yourself at link n.-2.
The low N of us is sending waves elsewhere and east windswell generation is weak, the only good thing of this map, is the lack of local winds. But this week looks pretty grim.
Very marginal couple of fetches in South Pacific.
Morning sky.

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