Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lanes Dec 18 2005, unknown sailor. There we go, it's show time again. Josh Stone went out very early and said that his 4.4 was way too big. The waves... you can see by yourself. Very, very difficult.
Well, since it's all relative, I had my extreme emotions too. I waited patiently for the Kona wind to slow down a notch and I scored one hour at 4.30pm at Kanaha with the longboard and a 5.0. Not as big as Lanes, of course, but still freaking scary... I am extremely happy to have been out there. With me, sailing on a short board Dave Osborne and surfing on his longboard Jeff Henderson (who earlier sailed Kanaha on a 3.7!). I believe we will all remember the beauty of those waves.

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