Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I can't believe that's me.
Here's the start of a short sequence of photos taken from the helicopter during a Hot Sails photoshoot. And here's the people I'd like to thank:
a) Jeff Henderson for inspiring me to buy such a longboard and for inviting me to the photoshoot
b) David Blyth for taking such great photos (the reduced resolution version here on the web doesn't really show the incredible colors of the water and of the sail)
c) Jeff Timpone for shaping such a great board
d) my Mum and Dad for putting together their chromosomes and giving birth to a person that: 1) had the guts to leave a fairly happy and economically secure life in Italy and move to Maui in search for more happiness (needless to say... finding it!). 2) practiced a long time in the water to be able to do what is shown in the photos.
In this one, I'm going left at upper Kanaha, upwind, towards a closing out section on the choppy white waterish face of an overhead wave on the back side of the sail.
Let me repeat it. I can't believe that's me! I'm stoked!
PS. Please, do not download any of these photos, they don't belong to me. If you are interested in them, send me an email.

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Alberto said...

sei veramente un mito!