Saturday, February 04, 2006

philosophy pill

I am not having good luck these days. Here's a brief list of things that happened:
1) they f--ing stole my back pack again! My prescription glasses and my digital camera are gone (so not many pictures untill I'll buy a new one)
2) problems with the neighbors: I don't even know if I will stay at my new place in Kuau for long
3) I bought a new shorty but its seams hurt my ribs. Can't change it, lost 60 bucks.

NEVERTHELESS, I am still stoked because I live in Maui, I'm healthy and there's a bunch of new big NW swells on the way. First large one on Sunday. Superbowl sunday. And that means few people in the water. Second one Wednesday and then yet another one behind. So, the philosophy pill of the day is: whatever shit happens, don't complain... it could be a lot worse! And it's not worthy to get pissed... it's not going to help!

Ciao a tutti.

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cammar said...

I hate to be the censor, but I had to delete the comment that was posted here. Please, let's try to keep these comments clean and peaceful. Even if it is just for a joke. No need to swear to be funny. Thanks.