Saturday, May 05, 2007

cheap stuff

Maui is a quite expensive place.

Only one thing can be found for cheap: windsurf equipment. The garage sales are a great place were to buy used gear. My favorite neighborhoods for that are Sprecks and Kuau. Lots of windsurfers (mostly wealthy) that always want to be on latest gear. And they sell they old stuff for dirt cheap.

This is the sweet Sean Ordonez custom 7.10 that I bought this morning for $200 (without fin and footstraps).

Jeez, I better take a photo in the daylight tomorrow... with that cross it looks like a coffin!
The owner said he thinks it's about 75l... and that's exactly what I need. It does look a little bigger (a bit fatter and a bit wider) than the 68l Quatro... we'll see.
The deal included a couple of old carbon booms for $50 and a couple of old Superfreaks for $60.
The negotiation was hysterical. At one point there was even a little audience... that laughed at every offer. I ended up getting a last $10 discount, as a disposal fee to take with me an old shitty board he wanted to get rid of...

This, instead, is the equipment that allowed me to have a killer slalom sailing sesh this afternoon at Hookipa. Perfect wind, fully powered on a 6.5.

Here's how much I paid for every single piece:
- board: free. My friend Alex works at a surf shop. Once in a while I go and see him at the shop for a chat... he's a super nice guy. A solid person, as Jesper defines him. One day he gave me this board... somebody had left it to him. Custom shaped by Peter Thommen for Bjorn Dunkerbeck... prolly something like 10 years ago. I'm sure there's better boards out there today, but trust me... that board is a bullet!
- mast (460 not skinny) and sail were part of a deal that included also a 6.0 and a 5.5 (that I never use) for $60.
- used slalom fin: 20 bucks
- footstraps (I had them already)
- mast extension: free... a friend left it to me
- mast foot: actually that's the only piece I bought new... around 40 bucks. The most expensive (!) piece of equipment in this setup. You can't be cheap on the mast foot. I mean... you can, but it's not wise.
- carbon boom (170- 220): 5 dollars!

The wind was around ESE and it was only on the outside. I wanted to sail upwind to Jaws (no ground swells at all... I just wanted to catch a little windswell bump and claim that I sailed Jaws...) but once I got to Maliko I was definitely overpowered and headed back.
After one hour of blasting around I went back in and hung out on the beach for a while. Then I went back out again. It was just too good. Nobody out other than flying fish and turtles. Sunny as it can be.
I couldn't stop thinking:"how come I'm the only one out here?". Not that I was missing anybody...
Maui sailors are super spoiled. Most of them only do wave sailing (a few of them only do slalom sailing, though) and they don't even have a slalom board or a sail bigger than 5.8.
They don't know what they're missing.

What else we got?
Oh, when I got back home, I found this peculiar crown on my bicycle.

Sharon is in England, otherwise I would have had no doubt about who left it there. Instead, it's a little mystery...
Stay tuned for some King of the boobs photos.

Last, BUT NOT LEAST, my latest GoPro video. If you can't see it here, try here.

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PS. Thanks a lot to the people that sent donations. After the very first ones I had a weird feeling about this donation thing. It seemed somehow unfair... but after a while... I got over it! So, thanks and keep them coming! :-)
The first video that I will do with that SO board will be dedicated to the people that sent me money. It's like they own a piece of it... and it will be my pleasure to share the things that I will do with it.
And let's not forget the poor people! Today I gave 20 bucks to an old hawaiian guy that was looking for beer bottles in the trash can (to get the 5 cents refund at the recycling place). He gave me a smile and a hand shake that were worth way more than that...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here's a quote that might sound familiar to you: "every time I go to Costco (which for me is Babylon) I am so disgusted that I almost throw up. People buying the most expensive and unnecessary shit. And I think:"oh my god, what would a kid from India or an Afgani refugee think if he saw this?"

Question: what would the kid from India and/or the Afgani refugee think of your recent $200 equipment, huh?
Are you the only jerk here allowed to spend money on unnecessary shit? Or being such a dedicated surfer makes you feel justified?
Cut off the crap, wouldcha. better keep it real, don't bullshit ppl. and stop bashin ALL Americans. you only such a spoilt brat.
Hope you wanna reconsider.

cammar said...

Great point anonymous, thanks for allowing me to add a few words on the subject!

I'm not Ghandi nor a buddist monk. I do like surfing and windsurfing (that's why this blog exists) and I do indulge in buying gear sometimes. But, at least, I buy cheap gear, not $1,600 brand new boards, so that I can:
1) have a dream lifestyle without having to work too much
2) save and give a little for charity.
That's my personal choice and I do respect and thank the people that instead choose to work and earn more and buy brand new $1,600 boards... otherwise the whole w/surf industry would collapse and there would be no more $200 used boards around! I just hope that those people give something for charity in proportion... and if they don't... too bad for them! Not much Karma earning...

In addition to talk about surf and windsurf, I just like to stimulate people's thinking and try to spread a bit of awareness... but, once again, I'm not Jesus.

I hear you: what's the difference between buying a $200 used board at a yard sale and a $3,000 gigantic wall tv at Costco? Which one is more unnecessary? It's all relative, I guess...
What would the kid from India think about them? Prolly the same... both extremely unnecessary for him.

In my world though, even after your thought stimulating comment, one still makes me happy and the other still makes me puke.
The reason is that the board is a toy that would allow me to get to a spiritual state of happiness and stoke (a state that you know quite well...), that is what my life is pretty much about. It's a tool to reach my own personal nirvana. So, in my world, it's not that unnecessary at all.
On the other hand, I strongly doubt that a gigantic tv will make the people that watch it happier... it will make them even more slave of the system. They don't even know why they're buying it. They don't know that they're buying it because their other smaller tv told them to do so...
That's the difference between my board and their tv, dear anonymous: the reason behind why we buy them and the awareness of it.

But, at the same time, even if I don't spend $100 on a meal at Mama's, but I do spend $20 on a pizza once in a while, mostly for socializing reasons. Now, that's unnecessary! Because I could stay home and eat my vegetables for a total of $5 and send $15 to India. You're right on this, not on the board. What can I say... don't take my preachings too literally... I do contraddict myself quite often...

Where to stop spending money for yourself and start giving to others is a very fine and personal line. I'm just stoked that I do think about that line, while most people don't even have a line like that!

Now you will excuse me, but it's getting windy and I got to go test my new board... ;-)

Thanks for the comment. Love ya!

Rambo said...

GP, that fellow certainly fired you up ...hahhaaa.

Here's something else cheap you can do which will improve your GoPro picture quality as it did mine. Cut a small piece of 25mm plastic tube or conduit 12mm long paint the inside black and glue it over your waterproof lens. It stops the unwanted ambient light . I can now shoot video at a closer angle to the sun with out overexposure problems, works like the hood on a regular camera. Improved my videos out of sight. Let's know how you go you bloody legend.

PS i've now set up an extendable tripod on my OC1, much better persective. See here

Cheers Rambo

Lano said...

GP, I think you are staying very true to yourself. I remember you making the comment about Costco a few months back and it really pricked my concience, made me reconsider a few purchases I was considering.

There are a few intersting points I would like to share on this matter, that are relevant to this topic of excess.

Anonymous refers to how children from less priveledged countries would percieve excessive purchases. I am not sure its a fair question as I dont think they really care too much for how we live. They may be too busy looking after their own interests to be honest. Its the fact that we are bombarded with parafanalia and information bringing their plight to our attention that we know what they are going through, I am sure its not the other way around. It is only our concience and our way of justification that makes us think the way we do.

My other point I want to make is that you have made many friends and contacts in your chosen life, in Maui, that revolve around your passion of windsurfing and surfing, that enable you to be in the right place at the right time to benefit from someones upgrade. Well done I say! I wish we had that sort of community here in Adelaide!

If this Blog was about motocross or jetskiing, then that would be another issue, but its about windsurfing and surfing, one of the cleanest sports you can get! If you were buying second hand bikes and jetskiis I would be unimpressed (pollution :(!)

I absolutely love this blog, I read it everyday and get a buzz from updates on conditions, all the videos and of course pictures of scantily clad women....I am yet to make a donation, but will consider it.

Keeping it real GP, as always ;)

cammar said...


you are on it! I just sent an email to the GoPro guys to check out your setup/stuff...

In the surfing and windsurfing stuff I film the camera goes very often underwater. I'm afraid your idea of the little tube on the lens won't work in my case, because it will collect a lot of water that will get stuck in there... what do you think?

PS. Thanks for the "bloody legend"!
PPS. Hey, you sound like Steve Irwin! Well, I guess all aussies sound like him to me... ;-)

cammar said...

Ops, posting at the same time Lano... what time is it over there?

Thanks for bringing us your point of view and for the kind words towards this blog.
I try to keep it as real as I can.

Today I had a blast. 3.5 hours (one hour break) of wavesailing at Hookipa on a 4.5 and head high waves. The board is definitely bigger than the Quatro (yes!!) and it's pretty sweet.
Here's the many pros:
- it planes thru the lulls much better (and there's plenty lulls at Hookipa even in the 4.5 days)
- it's a lot easier to go over the waves
- it's a lot easier to tack (that doesn't mean that I keep falling quite often)

Here's the only con:
- it doesn't bottom and top turn as radical as the Quatro... of course, it's bigger! Can't have everything...
Overall, it's a great addition to my quiver (sorry Meesh, I really don't think I'll sell it, but you are welcome to try it anytime... I think it will be too big for you). I would sintetically define the buy as a "huge score"!

PS. I also want to remind you and all the other readers that donations are strictly voluntary and I don't expect anybody (specially Meesh...) to do it. Even if you read my blog every day! Even if it brings sunshine in your life!! Even if it's the best thing on Earth!!!

...sorry, I got a little excited...

Lano said...

Its 5.38pm, Monday afternoon and I am still sitting at my desk, there has to be a better way!

Rambo said...

GP, most of your mounts that i can see point the camera down, so any water should drain out. If you don't have any over exposure probs because they point down, then there will be no value anyway. Sure helped my situation though.
I also have a need for a remote on/off switch. I'm working on a mechanical cable type activation and a battery powered solenoid plunger. Should be a beauty mate.

Maybe i should be working for GoPro ...hahaaaaa.

Keep the stoke going ....

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous said...

I hear you too. Your arguments can be easily reverted.
An expensive TV set is unnecessary for you (and me) but not for other persons.
I personally don't care about owning a huge TV, a sport car, fukin SUV and stuff like that 'cuz it wouldn't make me feel any happier. Still, the difference between you and me is I dont judge those ones who do so instead.
You're missing the point here: it doesn't matter who buys what (as long as it's not weapons, polluting stuff etc). The thing is you ARE NOT the one entitled to proclaim what's necessary for the others. Let ppl judge for themselves. Live and let live.
You show total disrespect of others' opinion, needs and taste. Yeah, surfing is about spirit, connecting to nature and blah blah. So what? Being a surfa wont make you smarter than the rest of human beings. You doubt that a gigantic tv will make the people that watch it happier. What do you know? How can you be that positive those guys don't know what they're doin, they're not aware of it? Maybe they have a crappy life and only thing that makes it a littl' better is watching basket games on a huge screen: that is, their way to reach 'personal nirvana'. And maybe they spend some money on charity too on top of a $3000 toy.
I'd rather spend my money on other stuff and choose different 'ways to nirvana' thou, but it's their choice, their money, they simply have a different concept. So who the hell are you to point your finger at 'em and judge and spit out they act like robots, slaves or whatsoeva? (Plus, spare me this mind-controlling shit about TV, wouldcha. Just turn it off if you feel manipulated. This slave-to-the-system thing's pretty far from reality...think you read too much Orwell, dude.. Better study this subject a little further than the populistic opinions go.)
You sound like the entire Western world population are just a bunch of dumbfucks and you are the only one who figured it out. Gimme a break! Don't you own a sound system yourself (not to mention cameras and all cool devices you proudly described in this blog), a PC, don't you drive a car? Ok, not the latest levels but you've got plenty of 'unnecessary shit' exactly like the ppl you are dissin. Don't pretend to be cool. Just try being.

And now you will excuse ME, but gotta go testing my new super-xpensive TV.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey GP, I had a feeling that little quatro might be too small for you - but it would be perfect for me! Wanna sell it? I trashed my 66L wave weapon the other day (?!@$% rocks), so I'm looking for a replacement...

And, come to think of it, here's an idea for a great way for you to make money: auction off some of the high-quality junk you pick up at garage sales. Use the stuff a few times before, to give it your own personal touch, kinda how porn stars wear their panties before selling them to their fans. That way they're worth more. I wonder what would fetch the most: a GP used waveboard, a pair of GP-worn board shorts, GP's worn flip-flops (for the foot fetishists in the audience), or, for the ultimate, GP's wetsuit... Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous # 1

You seem to be very hostile about this big TV issue. It sounds like some one has just made a big purchase.

If you want to own a big TV then more power to you, who an I to judge.

But I do think GP hat hit on an issue about consumerism. I think it is not the fact that you buy the big TV but in 2 months you are convinced that you need a bigger more expensive TV. The SYSTEM seems to be able to convince people that they are unhappy with their life’s until that next big purchase is made, the bigger house, the new car, the bigger TV, the new model sails, this years new board.

We are all guilty of this in one way or another even GP.

Does expenditure = happiness

meesh said...

can anyone donate a couple of prozac for
anonymous 2?

GP - score on the board, no worries - I really have my eye on your quatro, that looks like the baby for me ;-) ... how much do I have to donate to get that one!!??

cammar said...

Lol! You guys crack me up!

I'm really loving the comments to this post. I will post a reply to each single one, but I'm sooo busy these days. I got to work on something that is even more important than the blog (da hell can it be?!?).

I just wanted to quickly thank everybody for posting comments. Keep them coming!

PS. One quick thing I have to say... forget about my Quatro, you guys!!! That's the best board I have ever ridden...
Want one? Go to their shop at the cannery and donate Pascal...

Anonymous said...

who's anonymous # 2 meesh is mentioning?

cammar said...

A bloddy little bug woke me up in the middle of the night and I couldn't fall asleep anymore... it must be an age thing... now I'm gonna be groggy all day...

Anyway, got some unexpected time to post replies... better use it, because it look pretty hectic this week.

In order from my last reply:

yes there is. But there could also be a worse way... like being 8pm and still being at the office, like I used to do 5 days a week... actually that's what really helped me to quit everything.

only the mast mount will not have the problem of the water stuck in the tube... But I don't really have overexposure problems... I'd be very interested in the remote control cable though... let me (us) know!

Anon 1,
read again my previous comment... Here's what I say at the end:"But, at the same time, even if I don't spend $100 on a meal at Mama's, but I do spend $20 on a pizza once in a while, mostly for socializing reasons. Now, that's unnecessary! Because I could stay home and eat my vegetables for a total of $5 and send $15 to India. You're right on this, not on the board. What can I say... don't take my preachings too literally... I do contraddict myself quite often..."

You know what that mean? I'm gonna say it again, in capital letters: YOU'RE RIGHT! I do spend my money on stuff that is unnecessary.

Nonetheless, I will keep pointing my finger at the people buying stuff at Costco, because I want to raise awareness. And if I made Lano think and reconsider a couple of buys he was going to do, that's a success! And if I made Meesh think (a couple of posts ago) and make her donate something to charity, that's another success. And that's only two of the readers that posted comments about that. I like to think that there's more that have been thinking:"do I really need to buy that shit?"

Yes, I'm not entitled to say that stuff is useless, and yes I'm judging people behavior. What's wrong with that? Da hell, is this my blog or what? I'm strongly opinionated (as are you, I'd say) and I'm not afraid to write them on a web page. That's why, dear anon 1, on this blog you'll keep finding general statement about americans... and not only!

Here, I'll give you another one right here and now. I noticed that americans are particularly not inclined to receive criticisms. And I think that's another consequence of the brain manipulation operated by the mainstream media, that only show how good and cool and strong the americans are and doesn't show AT ALL what the rest of the world think about them. (Somehow, american women are even less inclined to receive criticisms. I don't exactly know why that is... it may be a result of the feminist movement...).

Now, OF COURSE, when I talk in general like that, I clearly mean MOST americans, not ALL americans.

If you only like to hear good things about americans, I would strongly recommend not to check this blog anymore, because my personal list of things I don't like about americans is pretty damn long... Tune on CNN, ABC or FOX instead and hear from your lovely president how good you guys are...

BTW, just in case you think I criticize in one direction only, the list of things I don't like about italians is even longer!!!

Anon1, I really value the readers that leave thought provoking comments like yours. But if you can't really get over my opinions, there's other blogs about windsurfing in Maui.
Here's a couple: ,

I'm not kicking you out, I'm giving you an alternative!
What else can I say? Our opinions diverge so much that it's getting tough to continue arguing in a costructive way.

You say I read too much Orwell, I say you didn't read enough of him.
You say that I sound like the entire Western world population are just a bunch of dumbfucks... I say that not the entire, but most of Western world population are just a bunch of dumbfucks... true!
Absolutely goddamn true! I really don't know what to do if that bugs you, brah... (or sistah)

OK, enough for you, gotta move on to next reader. THANK YOU again for your comments. I really hope you'll stick around. Love ya.

Anon 2,
I'd be on crackers if I really had to live on that... but thanks for thought!

Anon 3,
thanks for getting to the essence of my observations about consumerism.

can't you donate Prozac to Anon 2 yourself? Oh, forgot... you only have advils in you home pharmacy...

Hey, are you trying to say that you would not buy GP used underwear?!?! You're weird...

Anon 4,
I know this anonymous thing is extremely confusing, but you're not helping either!

Hey, if you guys don't want to leave your name, just leave an immaginary name.. like on forums.

BTW, the next evolved version of this blog will FOR SURE have a forum...

NiclasC said...

Giampaolo, in that latest vid you have several different angles. Are they filmd the same sesh without going in and adjusting the camera angle? If so, how have you mounted the camera to be able to adjust the angle while surfing?

Ely from NYC said...

Hey Giampaolo,

Finally got around to viewing your video. Now that's a great point of view for the camera, great views of th, etc. There are two things that are a slight problem, but there's nothing you can do about it though. The first is that you're too far away from the camera to really pick up any decent audio. The second quibble is that a wider angle of view would be a little more interesting. You could find a way to move the camera a little farther away from you for a wider angle, but I don't think that would be too practical. Keep on experimenting! By the way, why is there a black spot in front of the sun on those cutaway shots?

Notice I haven't commented on the other stuff. All I can say is, you're running out of room in your mouth to put your foot or feet in ;-)

Ely from NYC said...

Oops, here's the complete sentence that was cut off: "Now that's a great point of view for the camera, great views of the wave, your facial expressions, etc.

Ok, now I feel better!

cammar said...

this is the best and easiest mount. Just put a skinny mast boom shim on the mast on top of the boom and wrap the camera wrist band around it. Nothing to mount. It's easy to start and stop the video (a lot less editing and a lot more filming) and you can turn it towards you and towards the others (not easy, but possible).
Last session I filmed some awesome 4 men canoe with a triangle sail that were just flying downwind. Ablosutely not time to edit it now, maybe in Italy...
When shooting towards the front, you have to try to keep the mast as vertical as possible, otherwise you'll shoot the stars...

they're working on the audio.
Agree, wider angle would be better, but there's absolutely no way of achieveing that without being unpractical and dangerous (in the waves). Plus, it has to be reachable, so that I can turn the clip on and off and shoot 54 minutes net, not gross. In other words, I can keep shooting wave riding even in a three hour sesh.
In these day I filming a buddy with the helmet cam (gopro is about to come out with a sweet helmet mount). Also in that case, it's key that you can reach the shutter so that you can film a lot longer (like stop filming if your buddy falls or is too far away from you...).
As for the foot in my mouth... I had to google it. It seems to mean the I am embarassed... embarassed?!? Not really...

Anonymous said...

If that angry guy is correct and Gianpaolo is a heathen for loving to show-off his garage sale bargain finds... he probably hated the fact that His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama stayed at the Grand Wailea in a thousand dollars a night room when he visited Maui. Maybe the Dali Lama is a heathen too. And donating money to African or India's poor is not easy since the people in charge in those places steal whatever we send. GP.. keep talking about your loving sport and ignore those detractors/Trolls who have such a small life that they spend time criticizing yours. As for bashing ALL AMERICANS..????? what does that mean. I know you and never thought you bashed anybody that I wouldn't bash. You're OK... Up his arse with broken glass. Mystery Bob

Ely from NYC said...

Hi Giampaolo,

It doesn't mean "embarassed". The reason is, is that the person who puts his foot in his mouth (rhetorically speaking)isn't necessarily aware of doing it.

Sharon said...

Would any one like a cup of tea?

Lano said...

Yes please Sharon, two lumps and a scone please :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mystery bob
FYI: Im not a troll. I simply dont share some of GP ideas. Was just trying to prove him self-contradictory about something. I wouldnt read this blog if I considered him as an idiot.
Dont think you can call my life small only cuz I was criticizing one aspect of GP conceptions. I am NOT an opinion-hunter nor a GP-fighter. Apparently you cant accept the fact that other ppl may have different point of views or disagreein with you and/or GP. And this is exactly what I call 'small'. Attitude like yours wont lead us anywhere. Somebody here was suggesting to donate some Prozac: well you'd better get some Valium, man and try to calm down and chill. Not even GP overreacted like you did. Easy, dude, easy...

chris said...

Hi all,

no bashing on this supercool bloc BY GP… pure exaggeration, and even if, it’s very important that people express their opinion. All these anon’s can have theirs. It’s small to call that bullshitin. If you want to swear on Cammar’s blog you have to donate, anon#1…like me. What the f@#$!
Well, at least that’s how came up this interesting discussion..
The missing spring storms of April arrived and are about to arrive, the second hand market here is like the former east block, a superfreak…maybe sewed on my own! Not even a 3. sth I had on begin of the week and fell knee hurting on my board whilst trying to peejibe.
Merde, too exploited from 8 hour work day to go windsurfing, I am following Dr. Bird’s advise, cool my knee, maybe a little longboard session later.
The video is excellent , love the two perspectives, great music!
But back to the discussion:
I think the kids in the mentioned countries would appreciate GP lifestyle, the awareness he is creating on his page and that he is donating regularly to people in need. Also I think they would’t want him to be unhappy like them and they wouldn’t understand all these anon’s sitting in front of 3000 bucks screens getting fat and stupid, instead of doing something healthy in natural surroundings. Apart from emissions about science, discussions and stuff, TV crap doesn’t make you really think, and at least advertising is manipulation, no doubt. Rather far from Orwell’s totalitarian scenario, anon#1, exept that kind of “manipulation Big Brother” hiding in TV, propaganding what should be important in one’s life, to make you work and support their system that caused the global chaos on the maybe only planet in the universe that has the capacity to be paradise for human beings, especially nowadays.
All the money spent in two extremely senseless wars by the us government, ELECTED BY SOME AMERICANS, could have easily solved the problems in India! In Afghanistan there wouldn’t be refugees, it would still be one of the poorest countries in the world, due to the fact that the country got f@%$& by idiot systems in the past. All the money ever spend in wars…there wouldn’t be any poverty anymore. Theirs system’s mostly caused wars and pollution, waste of money and life leading in a global disaster. People like GP create awareness about such topics, the first step to change things. Just like Lano said, keep it real, GP, hope a lot of people love your attitude like I do.
If it is about donation, it’s truly important to find an effective organisation, I ask myself why there is no organisation picking up container loads of overproduced bread in a local bakery I once worked. Only once, they said I did’t work fast enough ( flemmish asses, maybe not throwing the bread away fast enough) , the people here work bloody busy to renew TV set , car and other “nessesaryties” in time.
Bloody “paradies it could be” it is, but I'm gonna have fun at the with my 700 bucks 2nd hand equipement, hoping the refugee kids forgiving me this “materialism” to be happy, it will give me the spirit to survive bloody Belgium’s economy to earn some more money to spend in equipement and a unicef donation.

Have a nice and windy one, guys!

cammar said...

Mystery Bob, thanks for your comment and for your kind words towards me.
Too bad your last sentence towards anon1 wasn't kind at all. Rather horrible, I'd say.
On this blog I welcome criticisms. I... I... what's the opposite of welcome... badcome? ... I don't welcome agressiveness and offense.
Here, you just deserved another "generic" criticism for americans: the aggressive attitude and the readiness to fight.

I'm proud to admit that I never fought in my life (other then with my brother when we were kids, of course). It's one of those insticts that I decided to overcome by the fact that I believe in peace. Overcoming an instinct: another contradiction... if you haven't yet, read and you'll understand why.
I may be considered a pussy by the most, but I don't care. As I said, I'm actually very proud of it.
Love and peace. Let's not only say it... let's really do it!!!
See ya at the beach!

completely lost in translation here. Never mind, you'll tell me next time I see you...

yes please. Served on my throne as usual... :-)

I had to the word lump. Here's the four possible definitions:
1) a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
2) a large piece of something without definite shape; "a hunk of bread"; "a lump of coal"
3) an awkward stupid person
4) abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement
I just hope that Sharon knows which one you would like to have with your tea...

this time I agree 100% with you. If I only knew what troll means...
Again, here's defitions:
1) angling by drawing a baited line through the water
2) a fisherman's lure that is used in trolling; "he used a spinner as his troll"
3) a partsong in which voices follow each other; one voice starts and others join in one after another until all are singing different parts of the song at the same time; "they enjoyed singing rounds"
4) (Scandanavian folklore) a supernatural creature (either a dwarf or a giant) that is supposed to live in caves or in the mountains.
Must be a slang word...

Chris, thanks for espressing your thought and for giving me the opportunity to state one thing. Having sent a donation doesn't make you any different from the other blog readers. It would have been like that if I decided to create a separate section of the blog for paying readers, but the poll showed me that most of the readers didn't like the idea. So, thanks for the contribution, but for me you have the same right to post comments and express opinions as anon1 and everybody else.
Please, send a donation to help, not to earn rights.

And now a message to everybody: I freaking love the comments to this post. They are replacing the organized posts (no time to post at least one more week...)
ALSO, there's a bunch of good blogs in the blogosphere that, for some reasons, only get comments like "oh, that was sooo cool" or "wow, that's awesome!"

I'm proud of you guys...

chris said...

... I was just joking about the cursing, because of anon's little rude ways entering the blog for the first time.
Buona giornata, tio!

Lano said...

Lump refers to lump of sugar,
A troll is a fictional monster, scandanavian reference was pretty spot on.

....and I reckon its time for a forum

Some great debate in here guys, I love diversity in opinions, means we are not all robots after all!

Anonymous said...

Troll: One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers.
Thats accordin to this definition that I wouldn't consider my self a troll.
And this is what Mr I'd-Better-calm-down-Bob probably meant.
For the record: HEY EVERYBODY, I do NOT OWN an expensive flat screen TV but just a regular one and I'll never ever waste my money and my mind on stuff like that (re-read my 2st post).

GP: Next time I'll e-you my opinion. Seems like everybody misunderstood my words but you.

chris said...

Hi Anon,

For me it was too confusing, as to many anon’s stated, thought you didn’t have a TV a all.
If you’d live in a place near the water, some wind and with an existing 2nd hand maket for (wind)surfing equipement…what about selling the TV and learning surfing ?! Will be good for your creativity and make you thus even more clever.

Lano, what does “parafanalia” mean, couldn’t find anything about it.
I think it’s kind of paranoia; the phrase “what would poor kids say…” is implemented already in your upbringing, my parents used to tell me that, if I didn’t behave as the expected. By the way, they did never donate anything or engaged themselves or me in any activities.
Later in my life TV suggested a bad conscience about the disproportions in the world. We are at the “getting slave to something” topic again, they want us to be paranoid about that as we might be “better” and more efficient consumers that way.
So sell your TV, Anon…

Rambo said...

Chris, "paraphernalia" is the correct spelling, is why you could not find a meaning. It means all the bits and pieces that you would associate with something. ie if windsurfing, then sails, board, wetsuit etc, would be your various paraphernalia.

Cheers Rambo

p said...

Hey, that sputnik 280 was once my favorite board until I busted out the finbox. Total classic.

chris said...

Rambo, merci for explaination.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add another comment in this. Anon 1 correctly defined what an Internet Troll is but emplied he wasn't one because he read the others comments and wasn't just attacking. My forums object to any attack. You went at my friend repeatedly. You said, "Are you the only jerk here allowed to spend money on unnecessary shit?" and "The difference between you and me is I dont judge those ones who do." Then there was "You ARE NOT the one entitled to proclaim what's necessary for the others. Let ppl judge for themselves!" Then "So who the hell are you to point your finger at 'em and judge and spit out etc." and "Don't pretend to be cool."

The funniest thing to me is how GP considers my old American expression of "Up your ass with broken glass" to be very bad. You call him names and insult his right to have an opinion on his own blog and he is so gentle/peaceful he thinks I'm the bad one. Oh well, there are many differences between Euros, Aussies, Kiwis and other folks. We didn't grow up the same. I think that's very cool. But next time you want to tell him to open his mind to a view you hold, you should leave off the insults and point out the stuff without the 'who the hells' and 'you're a jerk' kinda talk. Incidentally, do you know this humble guy? Mystery Bob (easily found at Maui Harley-Davidson, Kanaha Beach Park or Maui Coffee Roasters)

Anonymous said...

If I call GP names and he thinks you're the mean guy, you have to blaim GP for this - not me.
Ok, I'll leave off the insults next time and watch my mouth. I didn't say what I said just for the fun of it but cuz I was damn positive GP was contradicting himself. But hell yeah, I shouldnt have called him a jerk. Sorry GP.. Forgive this poor soul. No bad language anymore. MysteryBob here is right. Seems I'd better calm down too and share the Valium with him... Done deal?

cammar said...

It's all good you guys, just always remember that English is not my mother language and I do miss a lot of subtleness sometimes...

Anyway, I just want to say to P that that is a custom board with the Sputnik graphics. I don't know how much it differes from the production board, but if you say it was good too, I believe it!
I usually don't like speed, but on that board the feeling of control is great.
Nothing compared to a modern speed board though. I tried one of the Naish's speed demons... now that was fast!
I wouldn't trade though. Not sure why... maybe because I would lose the "classicness"...

wally said...

I love my brand new big screen TV (50" Panasonic Plasma) and all of my other toys that I work very hard for.

I hate corrupt crappy governments that keep their people in poverty while they steal the resources of their countries and keep it for themselves.

I love taking my daughter for nature walks and showing her the beauty and wonder of the planet we live on.

I'm happy.

That's all ....

chris said...

Would like to add that Matt Prichard's sick table top actually looks like a troll, I’ll keep on stretching…

Anonymous said...

Lano said: If this Blog was about motocross or jetskiing, then that would be another issue, but its about windsurfing and surfing, one of the cleanest sports you can get! If you were buying second hand bikes and jetskiis I would be unimpressed (pollution :(!)

The act of windsurfing or surfing may be clean but the manufacturing and burning of fuel to get you on the water certainly is not! don't be a hypocrite lano

chris said...

Anon, that's too general and not fair towards Lano, I would say. Lano could get his Lanomobile to the beach quiet enviromentally friendly with a by salat oil fuel diesel engine since 10 year. But the oil manufacturing companies have their ways to forestall that.
And the fact that you just can't through your equipement on the roof of a public bus or train.
By the way, even the ordinary diesel engine can be filled 50/50 with salat oil/ diesel.

Also there are people who live a mile from the beach and get their stuff there by bike, like me.

Rambo, great blog about the outrigger sport... the surfboat guys are really mad, not really a relaxed beach activity !