Sunday, December 14, 2008

how Kazuma shaped my custom surfboard part 8

This episode concludes the Kazuma series, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I can only add that I love the board and it definitely catches a lot of waves. But a good board alone isn't enough. Got to get out there and paddle!

Just arrived in Italy. Completely whacked by the trip as usual.
Funny/dumb moment on the LA-Washington plane: upon the arrival, the captain announced: "We are now approaching Dallas were we should land in about 15 minutes..."
What?!? I asked the guy sitting next to me: "Excuse me, did he just say Dallas?"
"But I thought this plane was going to Washington!!!!"
"Oh, Dulles is the name of the Washington airport, not Dallas Texas..."

Kinel, I almost had a heart attack...


Sharon said...

Are you in the Piazza or borrowing Luigi’s unlocked broardband (unbeknownst to him)?!

Anonymous said...

Hey GP,
if it is of any consolation, it happened the same to me the first time I went to DC!

Jeroensurf said...

Airport: really funny, i think the guy besides you must have laughs is ass of.
Questoin: GP you like the winterswells at Maui, in summertime you complain about the lack of waves, so why visit Europe in the Wintertime instead of summer?
Just for the Christmass thing?

cammar said...

Sharon, I had to disappointedly notice that also this year there's no unprotected wireless networks in my parent's building...
Unfortunately there's not even city ones that I could subscribe to for my stay. So I have to stick to dialup. Good thing that I pre-uploaded the video in Maui...
I have another pre-uploaded post in my gun... windsurf boards addicts, stay tuned.

Marcos, I bet it happend to a lot of people the first time they went to DC!

Jeroen, in fact I usually visit my parents in September, when the weather in Italy is still nice and I won't miss too much in Maui. This year it just didn't work out that way.
But this may well be the last (stupid) Christmas I spend in Italy... in my whole life! At least I hope so.
Flat Maui summers could be over too... we'll see. Stay tuned for my new summer plans...

Sebastiano said...

Per come l'Italia ormai è ridotta non si può fare altrimenti...

Anonymous said... sei anche tu in italia???

sono tornato ieri...e riparto per maui il 29...

Fammi sapere

Anonymous said...

Ho una paio di foto / sequenza da mandarti..girami il tuo


cammar said...

la mia email la trovi in alto a destra nel blog ("email me to advertise on this blog").
Se le foto sono grandi, magari aspetta a spedirmele a gennaio, visto che qui sono in dialup alquanto lento... grazie!

enricowave said...

il set è completo!!!
Anche Andrea Pagan!!
Un GROSSO abbraccio al mio vecchio compagno di battuta e un augurio di Buone Feste alla mia scintilla sup GP che mi ha dato la luce!!!
Spero di poter scrivere anche io un giorno "ci vediamo a Maui..." e magari fare due pagaiate in compagnia.
GP se passi per la costa adriatica, una steamer 5mm la tengo sempre in caldo nel cassetto, così magari ti conosco!
Mele Kalikimaka