Sunday, February 15, 2009

bummer, the audio didn't work...

lil post update. Dave put up a video from yesterday on his blog.
It's the first time I see myself together with the good guys... OMG, what a difference! And thank god I'm on the little 68l...
First weird forward loop is by Luke Siver. Pascal and Keith are so freaking fluid and Keith is always so vertical.


Oh well, Dave did his webcast anyway. Yesterday five hundred people tuned in and that's quite remarkable, considering how little it was advertised. There's a big market out there... sponsors wake up!

Today I had a sweet double sesh and my arms are happily sore. Here's the first pic of the day. It's horribly blurred, but I was standing leaning against a van without the usual support of the arms of my beach chair... but it's such a nice aerial that I felt like rewarding it anyway... good job Andres.

Second shot and best non blurred shot of the day, Glenster.

Giuliana hits a lip.

Eyal in a beautiful shove-it.

Two busy backloops. Leo Ray.

And Eyal again.

And, just received from an italian tourist in vacation here (thanks Fabrizio), the blog author doing his thing.

That section in front of me looked pretty good, but I forgot that when going upwind you don't go as fast as when going downwind...

Closed out. Oh well, I tried...

Just came back from a great live performance of Makana. He's staying next door. Tomorrow morning I'll burn him a cd of italian songs.
First, I'll better do some stretching though.

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