Thursday, February 26, 2009

contributors' post

Not much to post about. Conditions suck and will keep sucking for a while. Big, messy and stormy surf, sideon wind, kind of cold.
I have fun no matter what, but it's definitely not classic Hawaii...
Hence, I'll post stuff that readers sent me.

Julien took this shot at Hookipa on Tuesday, last clean day before the conditions of the ocean deteriorated greatly.

Yesterday, most Hookipa regulars were down at Lowers. Ola instead decided to challenge an up the coast reef. He said it was gnarly and not fun at all.

Italian couple Andrea and Laura (the ones on the left) are leaving after a three month stay and offered pizza and drinks to their beach friends. Thanks for that and thanks to Bob for the photo.

Last, but not least, a link to a video that Lano sent me.
What that fisherman says shocked me. Unfortunately this is a common attitude: "we, the human race, the most intelligent race on Earth, have the right to decide who has to live or not".
Unfortunately, we, the human race, are fucking up the planet because of that attitude.


Joe Agliozzo said...

Since you have some "downtime" now seems like a great time for the friendly "reminder" you asked for to chronicle your role as an SUP downwind pioneer!

cammar said...

Downtime?!? I sailed almost four hours yesterday testing boards and having fun...
Anyway, thanks for the reminder, but I have kind of an agreement with a magazine for an article about that. I'll write the article (when?!) and send it to them. If they publish it, you'll see the announcement on the blog.
If they won't publish it, then I'll put it on the blog.

How's the surf in Manahattan Beach? Does it get any of the North windswell of these days?
BTW, I surfed MB many times, when a buddy of mine used to live there. He looks like a rasta with long dreads and beard... maybe you saw/know him.

Joe Agliozzo said...

Sub-par winter this year, although the last couple of weeks have seen good swell. Mostly has been small this year with light winds. Yes, we like it when we get a windswell/groundswell combo that breaks up the lines and gives our waves some shape. Not much rain this year and so not much in the way of good sandbars..

Just starting now to get spring winds, which means our good wave season here in MB/El Porto is almost over!

I thought your last post indicated you were expecting some funky winds, so some time "on the beach". I forgot that on Maui, your "crappy days" are equal to our best days everywhere else! Enjoy!

Looking forward to your downwinder story, wherever it appears (the new standup paddle mag?)!

Ola H. said...

Hey GP, I didn't say it was not fun. I _always_ have fun when I windsurf. But it was kind of gnarly and difficult with several swells mixing and quite onshore winds and I didn't really do anything on those waves. It was still great FUN just to be out there though.

cammar said...

Maui crappy days are equal to best days everywhere else! True... maybe not in Cabo Verde.

sorry for the misinterpretation. We share the same attitude...

azuldeultramar said...

Happy to see Robby still rips, I suppose he allways will.

aloha from the Canary Islands.