Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Intense vacation start forecast

The lack of wind is the talk of the island these days. I personally love it, as long as there's waves to ride. So unusual to see glassy waves in the morning that stay clean all day in Maui...
Cookie had his GoPro out yesterday afternoon and took a few pics. Here's the blog author paddling for a fun looking one.

And here he is going left.

More pics on Cookie's site.

This morning unfortunately the waves are pretty much gone on the north shore and there's very little stuff on the south shore. BUT, the good news is this South Pacific weather map modeled to happen on Friday May 29th:

That means that Friday June 5th Oahu will be hit by a MAJOR south swell. And I will be there...
Well, actually seen the size of that swell that day is not one of those that will make a huge difference. Meaning, at that size there's plenty spots in Maui that work just as good... (for surfing, not for windsurfing).
The real difference will be in those days, like today, when it's two feet at the buoy and Maui is knee high and Oahu shoulder high (just saw a nice set rolling in on the Surfline Ala Moana webcam).
But anyway, it will be an intense start of a surfing/sailing vacation that sees me more and more excited as the departure date (very likely June 4that this point) gets closer.

So long.


Rambo said...

GP, i recon you should compile all the "bum" shots you have taken over the years and publish them in a High Quality colour hard cover book. The income from that should ensure your Quoli for the next 10 years.

At the very least, release a calendar with 12 of your best, one for each month.

Have fun in Oahu
Cheers Rambo

Anonymous said...

I'll be there in 12 days hopefully it will be windy for the next 6 months :)


Ivor Windybottom said...

I think the trades are waiting for you to leave before they return. Not a bad exchange rate to get some good tales from the city.

meesh said...

I'll report on the first real summer swell from the favoured spots on the south shore of Maui.

Except for the level of discomfort in my Paia single wall construction home, the wind could stay variable all summer!

Anonymous said...

You rock man, this blog is great, Maui rocks, get a few waves for me.

cammar said...

Hi Rambo, long time no comment!
Why would anybody buy mu bum calendar when there's the Reef one available?
Will do with the fun in Oahu.

Everyone else, thanks for the comments!