Sunday, May 17, 2009

lil environmental post

I received this presentation and I thought it's well done.
Water Disaster

The reason I think it's well done is because at the end it stresses the fact that drinking bottled water can cause YOU harm. If it was only focused on the harm to the environment, in fact, most people would just not care...

As humans, we should be ashamed by the amount of plastic bottles we pollute the environment with. And plastic bags too.
Is all this plastic really necessary?

Not really. It's quite a few years, for example, that I refill my two metal water bottles every morning (I have a commonly available reverse osmosis tap water filtering system at home) and use a reusable bag when grocery shopping.
It doesn't take much... you lazy bastards!

This is a burning sugar can field. Maui (and also Florida, I think) is one of the few places where they still harvest it this way. I'm not expert of sugar cane harvesting, but that looks freaking polluting to me. And if you happen to be downwind of one of those monsters, you'll sure agree with me.

That must be why wonderful creatures like the sugar cane spiders have to find recovery elsewhere...


Anonymous said...

Finally, I've seen a cane spider.
Sharon has regaled me with horror stories of their size and ferocity.
Must admit, they're pretty big.


Michael said...

I totally agree with you on the bottled water issue. But if you want to make everyone viewing your blog feel guilty you should just address the amount of plastic that goes into making our windsurfers. I know it isn't as bad as owning a gas guzzling yacht, but still, most of our gear is plastic and made in a region known for its environmental atrocities and poor working conditions.

cammar said...

Anne, they're big and fast, but not ferocious at all!

Michael, the keyboard me and you used to type these comments is made of plastic in a polluting process. Our windsurfers are made in a polluting process. Everything that is not available as it is in nature is made in a polluting process.
To completely erase human pollution, we should go back and live in caves, sleep on the ground and eat only naturally available products like we used to do a million years ago. But we're now too spoiled to do that.
The point is: what can we do to pollute less?

I'm personally not willing to give up computer and surfboards. But I'm willing to do little things to pollute less. Not buying plastic bottles is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi GP,
I agree with you on the plastic bottle thing and the only way to change things is to keep on banging the drum. As for burning the cane it needs to be done because the fiberous leaves clogg up the grinders when they are processing the cane - the burning is carbon neutral (just like logs on a fire) it's the buring of fossil fuel that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Have you told Sharon they're not ferocious?
Good point on plastic but it's now part and parcel of our lives and we simply can't exist without it.
I'm totally astonished at how the simple expedient of charging for a plastic bag in the shops has got the majority of people reusing their perfectly sound old ones. This scheme has only been on the go for less than a year over here and already I feel so guilty if I haven't a plastic bag in my handbag to use "just in case" I decide to pop and do some shopping.

We're slow on the uptake but do get a little way there if taken by the hand and guided.


Anonymous said...

Hey Giampaolo,

check out this website:
Speaking of plastic trash choking our waters...