Tuesday, June 08, 2010

5 30 Hookipa shots

Time to post those shots I took quite a few days ago (the first day of the Goya/Quatro photoshoot).

Photo of the day goes to Kevin Ponichera (who gave name to the move Ponch).

Chronological order now.


Pio makes the blog. Azz!


Levi (blurred, but too good action to leave out).


Pascal trademark top turn.


Laurent and mini-Jake.
I think Jake was doing an aerial on the wave that you can see in the bottom of the photo, while Laurent jumped the wave before and that one is not in the photo at all (didn't have time to zoom out early enough). Hence the optical reduction of Jake into mini-Jake.

So cute.

Josh smiles for the photographer.

A beauty goes windsurfing.





Josh. Love his push loops.


Another beauty has gone windsurfing.

Checking the water photos... right off the water.


Junko broke two masts!


Alex L. said...

Hi GP,

the 1st dunno pic. is Diego, an employee at 2nd Wind.


Nord_Roi said...

Nices photo shoot! i was on Maui last oct-nov and one day Josh Stone was out on a good day(you know it's good when just a handfull pro in the water). His skill is incredible, PWA miss guys like him, with a lot of charisme! Thanks for sharing those shots!

Sierra said...

Thats a great photo of Diego, I like it a lot.

What about some pictures of the ladies sailing?

Aloha :-)

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.

honestly there's very few girls I'm impressed with when it's down to wave sailing.
Junko is my favorite female ripper and I did take some shots of her that day, but none was good enough to make the blog this time. Photographer fault, of course.