Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dave Kalama's secret spot revealed

The little south swell is pumping (I know, that's an oxymoron) and yesterday I ended up behind a celebrity on the highway.

He's my paparazzi job.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the morning drive on the Lahaina highway - thanks for the memories :-)


Robin said...

Nice work paparazzo! ;-)

That drive sure brought back a lot of memories! Any idea when your foot will allow you to go full on windsurfing again (luckily it is summer now).

Anonymous said...

love that!

cammar said...

Glad to bring back nice memories to you guys.

No idea of when I will be able to windsurf again.
So far, no desire at all. The only thought of putting my foot in a strap feels extremely unhealthy.

I'm going to focus on surfing now (until I see a winter swell with light side shore wind, I guess...).

Fernando said...

Really cool!

Dave said...

G, You are usually so good at keeping secret spots secret! I'm all over that place from now on !!