Friday, May 15, 2015

5 15 15 morning call

There's a bunch of kiters in town. Some pretty ones too. Photo Jimmie Hepp.

I apologize with the readers: yesterday I thought it was Friday and I followed the surfline forecast more than the buoy readings to call the NW swell picking up late in the afternoon. Instead it was Thursday and there was no swell.
Let me try to do a better job today. Buoys:

6.2ft @ 14s from 294° (WNW)

1.7ft @ 16s from 304° (WNW)

4.1ft @ 8s from 75° (ENE)           
1.8ft @ 6s from 58° (ENE)
1.1ft @ 16s from 318° (NW)
Below is the graph of the first two. 294 is a direction that will get heavily blocked on the north shore of Maui, so despite the encouraging 1f 16s reading at 7am, I won't expect to see a lot of energy today. The later the better, but those remarkable 6f (I didn't quite see the start of this fetch since I was in Bali, and I'm a little surprised to see that number) will be greatly reduced in size and consistency.
I wouldn't be surprised to see some reports of waves on the Kihei side, actually.
Your best bet for a sunny morning windless surf will still be in Lahaina though, since the Barbers point buoy is still reading
2.5ft @ 11s from 161° (SSE)                      
2.1ft @ 16s from 225° (SW).

Wind map shows a little lighter trades than the past few days.

Lovely NW fetch up in the usual corner, the north shore is not dead yet.
Down south, the strong Tasman sea fetch is crossing over New Zealand. If that lovely couple of islands weren't there, we would get a lot more waves. But I could say the same about the whole Australia and even Indonesia with this kind of thinking. We're lucky enough the way we are.
South shore staying active all next week and life could be a lot worse.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back GP!

You musta hit your head pretty hard??
First an out of level shot of Oluwalu or was that Uluwalu ?
Then you are off on your days and the forecast.

Keep up the good work and maybe you want to have a local doc check you out!

Aloha Friday! Yew!