Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday 4 3 17 morning call

No water time for me yesterday, but I did my first liver flush (passing some small stones), so I'm pretty happy about that. The simple procedure illustrated in The amazing liver and gallbladder flush book by Andreas Moritz requires a 6 days preparation of drinking apple juice (I went for the malic acid alternative, way too much sugar with no fiber in fruit juices), in addition of what you normally eat and drink, so I timed it to coincide with a day that I was off and the wind was very strong and I don't think I missed much. That's also what it looks from the photos of Jimmie Hepp in his daily gallery. Waves were on their way down and pretty blow out, even though there were some diamonds in the rough, like this left below.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.4ft @ 13s from 241° (WSW)
1.5ft @ 6s from 172° (S)
1.3ft @ 9s from 205° (SSW)
W Hawaii
5.2ft @ 11s from 325° (NW)
The first reading at Lanai is obviously still a westerly wrap (confirmed by the reading at the W Hawaii). As usual, check the webcams and you'll know what's really there.
North shore
7.4ft @ 10s from 106° (ESE)

3.5ft @ 12s from 316° (NW)

6ft @ 9s from 77° (ENE)

Whatever is leftover of this long lasting NW swell is now "overwhelmed" by the windswell energy both at the NW and Pauwela buoys. Waimea is more protected from the easterly stuff, so it still shows a nice 3.5f 12s. What I just wrote is also confirmed by the directional spectrum image below that shows the highest energy coming from a dominant direction of 75 (red arrow), but there's still 11-12s energy coming from around 115 (blue arrow). Overall, today the waves will be relatively small and blown out.

PS. What I just wrote is confirmed by the 5am readings where the NW energy is "magically" back.
5.5ft @ 9s from 78° (ENE)
3.3ft @ 6s from 72° (ENE)
2.9ft @ 11s from 344° (NNW)
The wind is predicted to blow hard again, as shown by the HRW model from the Windguru page, that has looked incredibly similar to itself for something that feels like an eternity. The 5.45am sensor reading at Hookipa is 9(3-14)mph from 81 and it's blowing through my windows nicely.
Current wind map shows:
1) small WNW fetch
2) decent N fetch. It was in place also yesterday (although weaker), and the WW3 model sees some northerly energy arriving already tomorrow. We'll see.
3) windswell fetch

Another beautiful day in paradise.

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