Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday 4 2 17 morning call

No water for me yesterday, it was the last day of the preparation for the liver flush and I wanted to rest. Jimmie Hepp is having a ball with these radical windsurfing conditions and the amazing light. His followers and subscribers must be loving it too. I picked four shots out of today's gallery.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore

3.7ft @ 14s from 254° (WSW)
1.9ft @ 10s from 215° (SW)
Still westerly wrap at the buoy, check the webcams. Yesterday there were waves both on the Kihei and Lahaina side.

North shore
5.8ft @ 12s from 302° (WNW)

5.1ft @ 13s from 314° (NW)

5.5ft @ 13s from 326° (NW)           
4.7ft @ 9s from 72° (ENE)
3.8ft @ 6s from 78° (ENE)
Below is the graph of the three reported buoys, all trending down. Pauwela reads 5.5f 13s which is still a decent size, maybe more manageable (I saw very few people out surfing yesterday). Windswell is rising instead. Sorry, no beach report, I'm home hoping to start passing gallstones any time soon.
The trades were blowing pretty hard all night, but at 6am the Hookipa sensor is only reading 6(2-10)mph from a weird 54 direction. Might be a temporary lull and I wouldn't trust that direction at all, since the forecast is for yet another strong trades day, as the HRW model from the Windguru page shows below.

Current wind map shows:
1-2) small NW and N fetches. The N one should improve and send us some 10s waves soon
3) windswell fetch oriented better than the past week

South pacific wind map shows
1) a tiny but close fetch
2) a big but distant one
which one is going to make bigger waves for us? In this particular case, I think the big one wins.

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