Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday 7 21 17 morning call

No clean waves anywhere on the island and I only got in the water for a swim. That's how disruptive strong trades can be. Jason Hall took this photo of a friend at Pavils, so at least we have a photo of the day.

3-4am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.3ft @ 12s from 137° (SE)

2.7ft @ 12s from 138° (SE)

Is that southerly energy or is that Fernanda's swell or a mix? I think it's southerly energy with an incorrect direction indication. And that's because I remember some decent fetches a week ago. Below is the collage of July 14, 15 and 16 and that is what Pat Caldwell describes with words (doing an excellent job, as usual): A large area of surface low pressure in the southern hemisphere mid latitudes south of French Polynesia stretching NW to NE of New Zealand was mostly sub-gale in strength. It was slow moving with a gradual eastward shift 7/12-16. It will likely be the source of the summer background conditions as found 7/19 continuing through the period.

As usual, the webcams will give us not only the confirmation of that, but also a good idea of the local conditions. Watch out the morning's new moon minus low tides.

North shore
4.3ft @ 9s from 84° (E)                      
2.5ft @ 11s from 90° (E)

6.6ft @ 8s from 86° (E)

The windswell went down in size but got to 9s at Pauwela, while the longer period Fernanda swell disappeared at Hilo (at least from the 3am readings). That, and the easterly reported directions, makes me call for a fairly small day at Hookipa. Not flat, but nothing to do with a couple of days ago when the windswell had a much more northerly direction.

Wind map at noon shows a peculiar configuration that I've never seen before and so I highly question. It'll be easy to check it's correctness thanks to the Lahaina webcam and the Kahului harbor sensors.

North Pacific only shows an easterly windswell fetch.

Decent fetch in the Tasman Sea, but don't get too excited about it unless you're flying to Fiji, where Surfline predicts 11f 14s on Monday. Unfortunately only 1.7f 15s is our prediction a week. That's how much energy those Tasman Sea swells lose on their way.

Despite the fact that Fernanda is not in the picture just yet, looks like we might start experiencing some moisture and clouds as early as today.

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yossarian said...

Do you think Saturday and Sunday night be good in Hana with the fernanda swell? Where might the swell hit best, and will it be clean anywhere?