Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday 7 25 17 morning call

Double surf session for me yesterday, the second of which at an easterly exposure that had head high short period waves from Fernanda. Not exactly epic, but better than nothing.

This photo instead was taken by Harry Wievel Saturday (the rest of his album contains plenty pics of the race). The sail is a 2.7 KS3, the boom is an alu kids boom, the mast is 310 and I'm loving the light weight of the rig. Going back to my regular rig for traditional wave sailing will be hard.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore
4.2ft @ 10s from 128° (ESE)

No southerly energy at the outer buoys other than the reported one that Pat Caldwell describes like this:
Strong trades in the SE Pacific south is expected to be the dominant summer background surf this week. The primary southern hemisphere mid latitude sources for Hawaii summer surf have been dormant in recent weeks.
Check the webcams for size and conditions. I will do that from the easterly exposure I surfed yesterday (which could easily be onshore) and compare to choose my morning session spot.

North shore
4.5ft @ 8s from 63° (ENE)
That's a decent direction for Maui's north shore, Hookipa will have blown out windswell.

Wind map at noon shows some easterly trades and those usually end up being pretty strong and gusty.

North Pacific shows a well oriented windswell fetch and a small west fetch associated with the southern flank of typhoon Noru. Here's how Pat Caldwell describes this configuration.
Typhoon Noru near 25°N, 155°E 7/23-24 has had a slow jog toward the east as it undergoes the fujiwara spin with a weaker cyclone to its north. This motion is favorable for producing swell for Hawaii. However, it is a low-end typhoon with a compact fetch aimed towards Hawaii at a distance over 2500 nm. In addition,the direction is partially shadowed on Oahu by Niihau and Kauai. Small surf from 270-275 degrees is possible locally for select westerly exposures on Oahu filling in Friday and peaking Saturday.
He put 1f 16 and 2f 14 from the W for Friday and Saturday, while Surfline only indicates 1f 12s for Sunday. I tend to agree with the latter, we'll see.

South Pacific only shows a fetch way down SW and I have no knowledge of how much we'll receive from that position. My guess is very little.

The rain monster is now north of Kauai and yesterday it spared us (not the north shore of Oahu though). It was a pretty muggy day anyway, but today it should be back to the trades kinda weather.

Last, but not least, here's a comparison of the long term Surfline forecast (available only to subscribers) between my favorite Indo spot (left) and Maui's south shore (right). I wanted to go mid/end August, but, seen the continuing of the small waves conditions here, I've been asking myself what I am waiting for and today I might instead book a ticket for as early as tomorrow. Obviously, you'll learn from the blog if I do.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to summer surf on Maui!
Looks like an easy decision!
Wish I could go.