Monday, October 09, 2017

Monday 10 9 17 morning call

Massive day of SUP foiling for me yesterday, I racked up 6 hours in 3 sessions. You don't know how much fun it is until you (successfully) try it.
Skylar Lickle has the shortboard foiling down. 

Her dad Brett is one of the most creative and ingenious thinkers out there. I bet he's holding the paddle in that position for a specific reason...

Get out of my way, please.

Couple of Naish riders showed up with their tiny wakeboard style boards. This is Nathan from South Africa. Like any other fin, the foil doesn't like the white water, but he coped with it.

The wakeboard style boards looked great when riding, but they struggled to catch the waves compared to a board with more volume. Here's a smiler.

6am significant buoy readings
South shore

The surfline page (link n.11) that sums up all the buoy readings separating the energies of the individual swells is down again. Can't be bothered to look at the NOAA page for signs of southerly energy that I know I won't find. By looking at the map of 7 days ago, the south shore should be pretty small today.

North shore
That's the indication of the swell height on the NOAA page. Yesterday morning at the same time it was similar, but during the day it increased up to 5f. So, still waves today, but on the decreasing side.

I heard Hookipa was really good yesterday (especially the point) but also really crowded. I'm not surprised about that, seen the lack of wind and the favorable direction for the rights. I will do a beach report soon (but I know I won't surf it... because I like mushy uncrowded waves better now!!).

Wind map at noon shows light winds again, but already starting to blow more from a trades direction. Sign of things to change.

North Pacific shows a small windswell fetch. North shore not looking good after this northerly swell comes down.
Today I offset the map a bit to show and circle the fetch of the southern hemisphere trades that Pat Caldwell often mentions. Despite the fact that it's oriented fairly well towards us, I believe we won't get any energy out of it, because the Big Island will block it.

South Pacific looking quite a bit better with continuos strong fetches oriented towards central America. We should get angular spreading out of it. Surfline even calling for 3f 16s in a week.

Morning sky shows some clouds.

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