Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday 1 24 18 morning call

A shortboard and a longboard session for me yesterday. The windsurfers at Hookipa are enjoying the radical conditions with some radical moves. Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

2am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.9ft @ 13s from 200° (SSW)

How ironic that the only buoy that reads the energy of the current south swell is the NW101 one. That is because the other buoys are at the moment registering a much higher windswell than the NW101 and apparently they can't detect it. Doesn't matter, I've learned to trust my fetches analysis (see the post from two days ago) and the Surfline forecast better than the buoys. This last one is calling for 1.7f 11s for today.
As reported yesterday morning, there were still waves on the Lahaina (and Kihei) side, but not as big as Monday. At one point I'm going again today, stay tuned for beach reports.

North shore
6.5ft @ 9s from 81° (E)
4.5ft @ 6s from 76° (ENE)
4.2ft @ 15s from 321° (NW)

Pauwela is all we need today, as there's no new NW swells behind this declining one. Below is its graph coupled with the Surfline forecast. Judging from the perplexed faces of the Hi-Tech rental customers when I pull this last one up on the screen, nobody really uses the offshore swells tab. That's why I'm going to spend once again a few words about it.

At each single point in time, there's multiple swells from different sources in the water. Each line of different color represents a swell and its predicted size, period and direction. For example, I drew two red arrows to show two different swells on the buoy graph on the left and their forecasted behavior on the right:
1) the east swell is represented in dark blue in the buoy's graph and in red in the forecast
2) the declining NW swell is represented in green in the buoy's graph and in purple in the forecast.

As you can see, the east swell will continue for next few days, while the NW swell is declining and it's not predicted to be replaced by anything major, at least in the immediate future. Three days of forecast is what you get for free, if you want to know more ahead, the subscription will give you access to 17 days of it.

Wind map at noon shows easterly trades.

North Pacific shows again multiple scattered fetches. The forecast is reflecting this situation and after today we're gonna have multiple small overlapping swells.

Nada de nada from the South.

Morning sky.

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