Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday 2-19-05

Saturday 2-19-05: wind for a 5.0 and more waves. After 4 years in Maui, I finally decide to try Kuau (close to where I live, by the way). Getting in and out is quite tricky. Those rocks are slippery and there’s a narrow channel with sketchy wind. Waves are logo high at times the wind on the inside is light and there’s not a clear channel. The only advantage compared to Hookipa is that if you get worked you got to swim but the current doesn’t take you on the rocks. Also, it seems like you can spot the sets more far away. There’s way less people and the color of the ocean is sooo deep blue. But, I can only get a couple of bottom turns, before the wave closes out. My friends tell that when it’s bigger it’s better… We’ll see. But I wasn’t impressed at all.

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