Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tuesday 2-15-05

in the morning I surf Honolua Bay… for business!! I love myself even more when I do shit like that. In the afternoon, I go back on the very windy north shore for a fun session of wave sailing. Lots of people out at Kanaha, but half of them are friends and that’s cool. Waves were logo high and the sail was a 4.7. Hookipa must have been pretty big, in fact a few pros were there. On one wave I was upwind of Kevin Pritchard. It’s not the first time that I have a pro downwind of me. Usually they don’t give a shit about the priorities, so I was expecting the same behavior. I start my down the line series of bottom and top turns and he dows the same. I was bottom turning and I could see him hit the lip 20 yards downwind. Cool, really cool. When I get closer, he smiles and let me go. That’s the way to go Kevin. You must be a nice guy.

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