Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the magic of teaching windsurfing

Today I taught a 6 years old kid.

He had a blast. At the end of the lesson, I was sailing the board back to the downwind end of the beach, sitting on it together with him. The wind was pretty strong and, despite of the small kids sail (1.2 square meters), we were going pretty fast.
He goes:"this is the best time I have ever had!"
"What do you mean, in your life?"
"Yes! It's even better than disneyworld!"

I just couldn't stop a couple of tears...

I really love my job.



Anonymous said...

y'are getting old, my dear...

cammar said...

I know... and what do you think you are getting... younger?!!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately not!
I ment that when y feel such a feeling it means that it's growing in y a sense of fathership lost , a sort of passing-by time,
All this is not necessary negative.. on the contrary ... it's natural

bye Cinzia