Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday 6-3: 11pm forecast/report

Howzit everybody. There's waves on the south shore (see photo above). It's the same swell that hit Fiji a few days ago. Contrats to Mr. Slater for the winning the contest right after having won the Tahiti one too. Looks like he'll be the world champ again. He's just lucky that I started at 39... The Tasman sea swell made it thru a bunch of islands that were on the way, but it's fairly inconsistent and the higher sets (in Maui, of course) are head high (it was triple overhead in Fiji). It should be a little bigger during the weekend, so get your ass on the south shore. Another south swell is forecasted for the second half of next week. North shore flat like an ekg of a dead rat, windy as usual. It's summer time! COAB, please.

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