Thursday, June 23, 2005

thursday 6 23: 7 am forecast

Howzit everybody. After the fun one of last weekend (which has been lingering till yesterday), a new south swell is on its way. It hit already the NW buoy, which now give the direction too, and the buoys south of the islands. That means the swell is already here, but still too small to be noticed (1 foot). It will gradually grow during the day and by sunset it should be decent levels. Too bad there will be a 3 feet high tide around 6pm that will hide it at most places... It should peak between Friday night and Saturday morning (equator buoy at 5 feet, 180 degrees this morning). Watch out for the super shallow conditions around 10/11 am.
If you prefere to windsurf, a mini NW bump should arrive Saturday lasting one day only. Otherwise, there's still 5 to 6 feet of windswell.
In the long range, if the models are right, a storm is modeled to form off Japan in 6 days and generate a NW swell that should arrive 4 days later. South shore quite flat next week after this weekend action. Eventually another swell for next weekend. 4th of July is on Monday, get ready to move your boards, coolers and grills somewhere south.

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