Wednesday, July 06, 2005

OK. I figured that the forecasts (just published one) were not enough to keep your interest high and, in absence of new exciting photos, I decided to adopt a nostalgia strategy, by publishing old photos. This one is Dave Kalama at McGregor on 5-4-2003. That was the best south swell I witnessed since I'm here. And this was the best longboard top turn I witnessed since I'm here. I wonna be able to do that. It's gonna be a long way, maybe too long... but the path is clear!


Anonymous said...

I almost passed out!!!! I thought for a few seconds that this was the south side yesterday. I am recovering slowly!!!! PHEW!!!

ON a different note - obviously we were at the MACC for the movie last night - we just didn't see you guys...... errrr
actually I had to work in the retail shop yesterday from 9-6 as there was no one to cover. So after sitting on my ass bored as hell for 9 hours I had to expend huge amounts of energy by swimming at the masters club for 1.5 hours. Maybe next week ???? Year ????!!!

cammar said...

Relax girl, if it was like that I would have called you...
I have a comment on your "ass bored as hell", but I won't make it... I don't want this blog to be rated!