Wednesday, July 06, 2005

wednesday 7-6: 6 am forecast

Howzit everybody. There's still small waves on the south shore. A new small south swell will peak on Thursday (equator buoy showing 4 feet, 12 sec on Tuesday). A bigger one will arrive Friday and peak on Saturday. The NOAA forecasts advisory levels (8 feet faces for the south shore)... I wish they were right, but I honestly don't see that happening... in Maui at least! Actually the fetch that set up last Friday July 1st east of New Zealand was pretty damn good. It just didn't stay in place long enough to generate the energy needed to travel all the way up here and stay big. We'll see... In the long range, after this weekend episode, the south shore will be pretty flat most of next week, with a hint for a swell during next weekend.
North shore is flat like a frog smashed by a super size tire of a big truck driven by a fat local guy on east Kuiaha on a rainy day.
A mini bump from NW, very similar to the WNW one forecasted for the last weekend, could arrive at the beginning of next week. Since that WNW one never showed up, there's not much to be excited of...
Usual boring strong trade winds. I'm sooo happy I got my one man canoe to play with. So long.

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