Tuesday, July 12, 2005

tuesday 7 12 : 7 am forecast

Oh, finally a decent map for the south pacific! I added the link to the south pacific weather maps for those of you who want to check it out. Don't get too excited, though. It's just a decent one. It could be a little better if the low was more east of New Zealand (wider fetch) and/or if the fetch was a little longer. It could be A LOT better if it was preceded or followed by similar maps. Unfortunately neither yesterday nor tomorrow's (on the same web site you can select to see the upcoming modeled maps) maps are going to be that good. But... it could be a lot worse too! Wonna bet that next Tuesday July 19th we're gonna get some waves? And even if they're not gonna be that big... hey, we'll take anything.
In the meantime, tomorrow there will be another small one from the south. Check the buoys south of the island for exact arrival time. Not showing up yet at the time.
North shore flat like the rocker of my Gem slalom windsurf board for the next 7-10 days at least. There's a typhoon forming south of Japan, but it's moving away from us and I don't think we'll get anything at all. Strong trades and related windswell will rule.


Anonymous said...

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cammar said...

they are right on top of the page. Maybe there was a technical problem and they weren't there when you checked... or maybe you ate too many taro burgers...