Monday, June 26, 2006

another weekend in Hana

This time we camped with Ulli, Michelle, Peter and Desiree.
Here's Ulli in a Kamikaze jump off a rock at Red sand beach. That was just the warm up. You should have seen him later jumping off the rope hanging from a tree over a pool at Seven pools, but I couldn't take the camera, because we had to pool-hop to get there... Trust me, pretty hard core.

Michelle likes back flips.

Interesting snorkeling attire.

This dog was seamlessly running all over Koki beach with three legs. I like the way animals don't make a drama (unlike me) of phisical injuries. Look how he balances himslef on the only back leg.

Some fun waves were ridden at Koki beach.

A group of spinner dolphins showed up quite close to the line up. For this pic, thank the digital zoom of my camera.

I got more photos to post, but the damn software seems not to cooperate anymore. I'll try again later with another post.

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