Friday, June 02, 2006

First post from Italy

I had these few last day pics from Maui to post. Eventually I'll post some photos from Italy too. Eventually. I miss Maui so much already... Anyways, here we go.

One thing I really don't like about western societies is that it pushes poorly souled people to buy and own useless and inappropriately expensive stuff. I try to live as minimalistically as I can. I don't care about fancy cars, clothes, restaurants, hotels, etc... One thing I can't resist, though, are water toys. Here's my collection. Most of them were retrieved out of the trash (notice the two boards that were used as yard sale signs...). I like fixing boards and I like riding different boards in different ocean conditions. In my next article I will describe a little story of each one of them. If you are Italian, look for the July issue of Windnews.
This photo was taken in the morning of the day I left to go to Italy. It took me two hours to do the display job and, even though I had so many things to do, I just couldn't miss the opportunity...
I also had to say goodbye to all my babies... we're gonna miss each other.

Usually having spider webs on something means that you've not been using that something for a while... But in this case, I used my canoe for two consecutive day! This guys built his home overnight. Sorry, wrong spot... I had to remove it. Next time, better pick my collection of classic books instead of an ocean toy...

The day before leaving I ended up in a sale at a surf shop. There was a whole rack of Sanuk slippers 70% off. I bought them all. Each member of my family in Italy will receive a pair.

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Sharon said...

I want proof that the family are actually wearing the slippers!