Saturday, August 12, 2006

little forecast

Hi there, long time no blog!
I've been busy doing... don't exactly remember what. Lately, there have been no good surfing/sailing conditions to take photos and tell stories of.
Wait, let me clarify this. Spoiled as I am after 5 years in Maui, 20-25 knots of wind in a beautiful blu (but flat) ocean under the warm sun of Hawaii are not really good conditions. Waves is what really turns me on. And, in fact, here is the forecasted (output of a computer simulation) weather map of the south pacific ocean for Tuesday august 15th.

It's a nice fetch east of New Zealand of strong winds aimed towards Hawaii and that means that (if the computer was right) seven days after that, Tuesday august 22nd the waves will be big on the south shore.
Actually there will be waves starting Sunday the 20th, but those ones will come from a storm in the Tasman sea and you never know what is really going to get here thru all those French Polinesia islands... so have low expectations about that one.
Hopefully, I'll ride my favorite wave again.

See ya in da woda.


michelle said...

eh brah - we are going to Oahu to catch these babies. Fancy the trip? Friday pm to Monday pm. Gotta get on em!!

cammar said...

Mich, not this time. Let me know how it was...