Monday, December 11, 2006

Billabong pro Honolua Bay... photo contest

This is my little but remarkable contribution to the surf photo contest that yesterday took place at Honolua Bay.

Check the other photos on Ulli's and Sharon's blog.

Check the official ones at the surf contest site.

And if you're in the mood, watch the men's contest live at Pipeline here. I also strongly recommend to check the video section for yesterdays' best rides.
Hey, Kelly Slater will be in the water at 8.30am... damn, I better finish this post soon!

Not before having reported that yesterday (Sunday), as forecasted, a new big NW swell arrived and the wind was a lot lighter than the day before (thank god!). Perfect conditions for a 5.5 and my 87 liters wave board. Lots of fun at lower Kanaha and many close to epic rides.
The trick is quite simple. Stay away from the big close outs and just pick the medium head to logo high waves that peel a lot better...

Then I had the bad idea to start fooling around with the fin of my blue longboard and, even though I learned a few things, it wasn't that much fun anymore.
Let me share the main lesson I learned: experimenting is good, but I better choose a crappy day for it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammar,

Just discovered your blog via rec.windsurfing and love it. Great work!


cammar said...

Hi Mattstuckintheofficeonacoldwetdayintexas,

thanks to your comment I discovered Bill's blog ( Good stuff!

Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Hey Cammar,

Yea, I have your blog bookmarked and check it daily! I was in Maui this past Sept/October and had some awesome days wavesailing at Noregia Point. After returning from that trip, I found your blog. Great to see the reports/pics/videos from the north shore of Maui!

cammar said...

Hi Bill,

I checked the indy rock website you mention in your profile and listened to it all evening yesterday. Good stuff, sometimes a little ripetitive, but thanks for the eye (ear) opener...

PS. send me an email next time you come to maui if you need car and house.

Anonymous said...

Yea, 3wk is an awesome indie online radio station. I have been listening to them since 1997.

Hopefully, I can make it back out there sooner than later?! After watching your latest video, I am majorly jonesing for some time in the water, trunks only! Wearing 5/4 rubber out here this time of year...well, cannot wait until May/June, or the next Hatteras wave crew winter windsurfing trip?! Maui would be my vote! Will have to keep an eye on airfares to see if anything drops below $500 RT.

Once a few years back, I got a deal, RT for $280 from DC to Maui in Feb, two weeks before the flight!

gcammar said...

Wow, that's a good deal!
Where did you get that?

Anonymous said...

I believe it was United or Delta... one of those last minute internet flash deals from Travelocity.