Saturday, December 30, 2006

Deeply sore throat

It's 5 days that my throat is deeply sore.

The first couple of days it kept me at home. Now, fortunately, it's getting a little better and I was able to get back in the water. It still hurts when I speak, but I can sail no problem. So... no complaints! Also considering that it's the first (and likely last at this point) time that I've been "kind of sick" this year. 2006, I mean.

Only one time sick in one year?! Must be the ocean and the exercise... and the lack of office life and air conditioning... and the non polluted air of Maui... and the healthy food... everything together, I guess.

Allright, let's talk about some better kind of sickness... Today's session was sick!

It started mellow with the wind doing it's up and down Maui thing. I had some fun with the 5.0 and the 87 liters board... that I finally decided to fix after 10 days, even though it was still a bit humid... no big deal. Then, during a break, I climbed on the old life guard tower at lowers and took some shots of Glenn.

Let's start with backloop # 26,821. The other guy on the wave is Italian for sure... he got a Challenger sail... a pretty good looking one, I'd say.

Talking about good looking sails, check the beautiful new Fire. Good job, Tom and Jeff!

Even though the table top is the ONLY jump that once in a while I try, I can't even come close to this. Really good.

From the top of tower I had a nice view over the beautiful beach of Kanaha...

...and over the silicon valley.

Around 4.30 it got a little windier and I went back out on my small wave board. From 5 to 6 it got unreal. Everybody left, probably tired and overpowered on their 5.3s. The wind was definitely 4.7able, and with the help of the low tide the waves got a lot steeper. The last half hour of light it was like 4-5 of us (all Superfreaks plus Glenn). You could just pick the wave you wanted. It feels really good to be on a head high wave and let it go because you saw a bigger one behind and nobody on it...
Five stars, for sure! Wait for the last post of year for a description of the rankings and some stats.

More radical sailors than me (doesn't take much) sailed Hookipa and Sharon took some shots. I subtly downloaded them on my pc. Here are some, more on her blog .

But that's the price to pay sometimes... Hola Pato, como te gustan las rocas?

Now, remember the weather map of the last post? That was a forecasted one of 5 days ago. Below is the real one of tonight. See how freaking accurate the mathematical models of the atmosphere can be?
It's a deep low that won't really set a captured fetch though. So, my prediction is that the related NW swell is only going to be extra large, not giant...

Lastly, thanks to the DJ of Radio Rock in Rome, that just played Talk to the wind by the King Crimson.


Robin said...

Nice reading material and some cool pics (again)! That new Hot sail looks great (still prefer my Superfreaks though). You spoke about the Storms that hit Europe from time to time. Well last night we had another one, (it peaked at 1 a.m.) Avg. of 46 knots and gusts up to 63 knots. Wind is still there and by judging the various webcams it must be great at sea today. Unlucky me, I can't go sailing today (ill).

Ah well, you win some, you loose some. Good luck on your throat and have a nice last day of 2007 and a brilliant 2008!

cammar said...

Thanks Robin!

With winds up to 63 knots you're actually lucky you can't go sail...

Hey, I didn't know that the time difference between here and there was one year and 10 hours! :-)
Anyway, happy year to all sailors/surfers in the world. We are one of the few categories that will partially benefit of the global warming conseguences.

Hard to be happy sailing/surfing when you know that the planet is being fucked up, though...

Sharon said...

But somehow (despite global warming) you persevere and still manage to have fun. What a trooper...

Robin said...

LOL just seen your pic of the 2008 sail and got me confused there! So it is actually you who caused the time warp! over here counting down (3 hours to go).

And about the planet being/getting fucked up, absolutely right. People are strange. I guess we're just in it for the ride, so let's enjoy it. But please also use your blog in making people aware (because I think there are heaps of people a board that haven't a clue)

cammar said...


I already have the global warning awareness post in mind. I just got to find some time to search a couple of things on the net... you know... all these waves keep me busy.
Hopefully I'll post it by June... :-)