Sunday, December 31, 2006

New freak

Today I sold my SF 5.5, so that I can get a new one.
I called Jeff and he told me to chose it from the ones available online on their site.
There were three of them and I immediately fell in love with this one.

This is the email that I just sent him.


I'm not sure I understood right, but I went on your website and amongst the 2007 sails I found the one that I attach.
I don't know if you saw "The secret", but I'm gonna think all night about you giving me that sail tomorrow at the shop...
I love it!

And hey, even if it's not going to be that one, it's still going to be a Superfreak. Best sail in the world by far.

Today an italian buddy of mine tried mine. He came back with a smile on his face and said:"You just don't feel the gusts anymore!"
Those sails just make people happy.

Talking about which, I wish you a very happy new year full of waves... and wahines, why not?

PS. Tomorrow might be longboard sailing paradise. And if not, it will be shortboard sailing paradise...
PPS. I will do a post on the blog of that sail and this email as a tool to make it happen :-)

Well, now you know why it's here...

Let's do a little survey: here are the other two available.

What do you think?
I think it's a no brainer...


cammar said...

I asked Sharon's mental cooperation and here's what she replied:

"Oh it’s beautiful……..I’m adding all my intention to yours that you are picking up this exact sail (or one of it’s family members tomorrow). I see you riding it and already hear your tales from your first of many dances together. May this and each and every moment from now and beyond be filled with such joy. How’s that?!"

That's it? Average... just kidding, thanks a lot!

Any other willing to help? Come you guys in Europe, you have all morning to think about me getting that sail and then blogging all the related stoked wavesailing stories...

Anonymous said...

I like the hibiscus flower, but the color? Doesn´t Jeff make one in mauve?

My european days are over, heading back to New York today...nice New Years in Madrid. Another 6 weeks and we´ll be partying together in Maui once again!

Anonymous said...

2007 felice, tio, you shall have tons of fun on the water!!
With the SF in orange, you intend to become better known as the flying dutchman ? Like the colour but the other disigns are nice as well!



cammar said...

Ely, I actually think he does, but those three are the ones available at the shop.
Good job with the travelling. I can vision you elf-dancing salsa in streets of Madrid...

Chris, I didn't think about that. I don't think it's that kind of orange, though. I'll find out soon...
But even if it is, I'd rather be known as the italian wuderman...

Anonymous said...

I want one GP, you know I do. Might have to call Jeff and see what he has in stock to send over!


PS : Love the hibiscus flower

Anonymous said...

la vela è proprio bella... mo' me ne vado sul sito hot a curiosare un po'..
ps: finalmente onde pure in italia..