Wednesday, February 14, 2007

pissed off

I'm rarely pissed off.
But these days I am. For a bunch of reasons.

I'm going to just describe my last masterpiece.

I went out at 4pm at Hookipa with the slalom board (it was windy on the outside and there were no waves at all).
The tide was superlow and I knew there was a high risk of hitting the reef right at the shore break. Instead of walking out a bit in deeper water, I launched anyway.
Sure enough the fin got stucked, I dinged my board in the fin box (good luck with the repair...) and I landed pretty hard on the reef plugging a deep hole in my foot.
And tomorrow there's a big swell coming.
I'm such a kook... and I'm so pissed off...

Fortunately somebody else is quite happy these days. Read what my friend Bill has to say about longboard sailing.

As for myself, I think I need a carpet session...
That's what I do when I'm pissed off or I think I have a problem.
I lay down on the carpet and pretend I can't move my legs. Then I say:"ok, let's go to the bathroom!"
It only takes me few feet of crawling on my elbows and I realize how lucky I am that I can move my legs. And I have no right to complain for anything!
You guys should try... it works!

Big respect and love to all the people on a wheelchair that will eventually read this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammar,
Most people in a wheelchair don,t crawl trough there home ;), they tend to roll with the speed of lightning ;) (still it give some problem with stairs).

The tip with Superglue is actually a serious one.
The normal 1 seccond glue isnt to differentr of what we use in the Hospitals to glue wounds instead of stitching it.
Dingstick doesnt give you any cancer and is a perfect "topping" to give you some more t.o.w with holes in yiour body.
(i wouldnt recommend to glass it, but seriously, this works!!).
Good luck with the bad karma

chris said...

Ciao Cammar,

you allways say:"attitude is everythink" and nobody ever was so convincing with this like you. So why not relax a bit in the gardenchair...hey,you live in paradies (terrible grey and rainy in belgium, but around 10 degrees... surfable!)and those recovering days won't affect your QUOLI 07!
I think surfing is a lot about experience, next time the reef will not harm you!
All the best for your foot!


Anonymous said...

ciao, ho guardato con interesse il tuo blog. faccio windsurf da un anno ed il mio sogno รจ di non spendere la mia vita dietro 8 ore al giorno di lavoro.

posso chiederti che lavoro fai a maui????


jeff E of the Great White North said...

carpet session....hmm wasnt sure what you meant by that at 1st that may mean something totally different depending on your cultural reference ....
i'll give you a hint it usually has something to do with a woman who doesnt ..."shave"...
and seeing you were frustrated and it was valentines day ...well............i let you figure it out..

meesh said...

carpet munching session would be another interpretation. this one would probably have you feeling better quick too!
I agree with Jeroensurf ... superglue or second skin, some duct tape and an advil, and I 'll see you on da woda brah!

cammar said...

there's no way I'm going to put superglue on my wound. It's wide and deep and I don't feel it would be a good thing... but thanks.
What's t.o.w.?

thanks for the reminder. It's just a rough moment.

what I do for a living is absolutely irrelevant. It's a state of mind.
Like Remo Remotti says (there should be an interview to him on LA7 friday night (feb 16) around 9-10pm...): you got to find your inner happiness. Then everything will come to you. Work, women, whatever you want...

that kind of carpet sesh would have prolly helped more...

you and Jeroensurf are way more hard core than me. I'll take photos at the contest today.

cammar said...

12 feet, 18 seconds at the NW buoy thursday morning...

Anonymous said...

Sono decisamente d'accordo...

spero di trovarla presto.


Robin said...

First of all hope the damage heals quickly. I'm on the superglue team here (works like a charm) and Duct tape. Is there anything duct isn't good for?! (I can come up with a few things, thanks....)

Anonymous said...

Ciao Giampaolo
I always like (and try to learn) the way you turn in positive thinking from bad situations.
You are master on this,

I wish you to recover soon,

cammar said...

Robin and Francesco, thanks for the simpathy.

Talking about finding positive things in everything, how about the timing of this little injury?
Just in time for the start of a contest at Hookipa... at least I got something to watch!
And you guys score too, because I will be posting reports...

Anonymous said...

Damn, great forcast to sit on a hill :(
TOW= Time on (in) the Water.
If a wound is wideopen like a gap and youcant vlose it by pushing together Glue don,t work.
In most first-aid situations they rather glue as stich to give you some refference.
Its easier to do (so its also cheaper),
its more friendly,no need to get the glue out (as with stiches),
Less changes on scars...maybe thats why you on,t glue kills the good gardenchair storys ;)

Ulli said...

Just do what I do when I'm pissed off. Get shit-faced drunk and shoot innocent people in Paia.

cammar said...

Yes, unfortunately I have a little volcano on the bottom of my foot. There's a little cone of flash missing. Can't close it with glue nore stiches. Got to wait it heals by itself...

Ulli, thanks for the therapy tip. Make sure you won't be walking around in Paia tonight... I'm going!

Anonymous said...

"Carpet Session" - that's a good one. Of course I thought you meant something different at first, because carpet or rug usually refers to a woman's private area.

Keep up the great work on your blog.