Monday, February 26, 2007

A little bit of everything

Fat post filled with links. (right click on them to open in a new window, so you don't have to go back and forth)

Let's start with a tough one.
Watch this video and see how brutally these dolphins are slaughtered.
If it sickened you enough, sign the petition here.
And next time you go grocery shopping think that cows and chickens are killed pretty much the same way.
By the way, nice chicken yesterday Ulli! (I love to contraddict myself).

Signed? Ok, you just deserved something special.
Ladies and gentleman, Pipeline at its very best.

Liked the video? The photos are even better!
The view from the channel in the second photo is mesmerizing. I hope you guys can see these photos even without being a member... let me know in the comments.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I would end up in a wheelchair. I think I'd be a bit bummed. Actually, I think I'd be pissed off for the rest of my life. But today I read this and I changed my mind.

In the island of Sal (Cabo verde) the first wave contest of the 2007 Professional Windsurfing Association tour just finished. "Local" Josh Angulo won in a double final against Kauli Seadi. Kevin Pritchard took third and Jason Polakow fourth.
The conditions were insane. Prolly the best wavesailing conditions in a PWA event ever. Check the videos. Watch them all... I can't believe how clean those waves are.
Forward and back loops off the lip... huge aerials... man, that must have been fun to judge...

Meanwhile... here in a pro-less Maui the normal sailors have been having a lot of fun at Hookipa in the past four days. Yesterday I had a blast and today it was even more fun with frequent head high sets, at times bigger.
I can't believe how much fun I can have, despite the awareness of being still pretty much a kook after 6 years in Maui. I love that.
I almost wish I won't get any better. Allright, that's a stretch.
Here's a few friends (that are a lot better) in yesterday's sesh.

Let's start with a couple of photos of Jazz.

Here's a couple of Andres.

Juan in a scrouto loop. :-)

And lastly, a nice trio of sails.

More wind in the next four days of so... it has been quite a windy winter so far. Even though the big NW swells seem to be already gone, Hookipa is still often head high... no complains on my side.


Anonymous said...

Aloha GP, I've signed the petition (#327782) and passed it on to several newsgroups. Please encourage your readers to do the same. Frank.

Jeroensurf said...

Great just before Dinner (fish!!) movie GP.
About pipeline:
They should rename pipeline in Superbowl stadion....
a Pipeline won,t do any justice to size and spectacle of that wave and at they same time, neither to the (huge)number of people out there...
So in the future: Superbowlstadion :D

cammar said...

Franck, that's what I'm trying to do with this post. Good job signing.

Jeroensurf, a perfect combo of swell side and direction happened that day and some people were catching the biggest set waves at the third reef all the way in before getting in somwe huge barrels at the first reef. Some 30+ seconds rides...
It's all explained by Sean Collins at the end of the photo sequence (there's a link to read the whole story). By the way, can you guys see the photos?

Any comments on the Cabo Verde conditions? There's one wave (I think towards the end of the video of day 2) the Kauli demolishes with five solid turns. I love his loose style. I'll ask Keith Teboul how he likes the double fin boards he shapes for the brasilian. Maybe I'll do a little interview next time I see him at Hookipa.

Niclas said...


thanks for the vid of the dolphins! I couldn't watch but half of it. Sick bastards (the killers)! :( Signed the petition...

Wonderful images of Pipeline Superbowl(tm)!! (yes, we could view the 18 images)

Cabo Verde - Yeh I've been watching all week and they got some sick conditions! Check out the rides of Kauli. Man, how many turns per wave didn't HE get! I stopped counting at 100 (with 25 aerials...) ;)
Like you say, that must've been the best conditions ever at a PWA wave event

PonoBill said...

Man, that's one brutal video. I hunt and fish, eat meat, and think PETA folks are off the deep end, but that stuff is simply inhuman (or maybe all too human). I signed the petition (for what faint good it will do) and posted both video and petition on my blog. I don't think I need to buy anything from Japan for a long, long time (does sushi at Jacques count?).

Pipeline--wow, what can be said. Amazing photos. You're right, they're better than the video.

I had a great day doing standup. Paddled for miles and miles starting from Makena Landing. My shoulders are dead.

Anonymous said...

I was getting worried GP, no post for a few days, conditions must have been good..

Dolphin killing is murder! The Dolphins we have here in South Australia are treated like humans, they command respect, we are homoured to have them in our waters, killing them like this is barbaric.....although I am sure they have been doing this for years wherever this took place, still inexcusable

Pipe! What can I say, but that was prolly (hehe) the best surfing I have seen on the interweb (my new werd by the way)fkn amazing!

Cabo Verde, how much air? As I saw Jonas Cebalos say in a video once, 'you check into the airport tower and prepare for landing' - or something like that...

Looking forward to your KT interview next week....

One of the Western Australian locals caught up with him recently, Alberto I think his name is, spoke about the dimensions Kauli is using, ie twin fins etc...check out

surf man said...

Damn, poor dolphins... that is just sick.

meesh said...

thanks for the tid bits. signed of course

cammar said...

Thanks everybody for the comments.

Today I tried one of Keith Teboul personal boards and I loved it.
I'll make a post even if I won't buy it (that depends on the price and I don't know it yet...).
Stay tuned.

Ray said...

Heya GP. Juan and Andres sent me some of your pics, hope you don't mind me posting them on my page.

See you on the water!

cammar said...

Go ahead Ray.
Just mention my blog address if it's not on the photo already.
Checked the photos of Sand Piles on your blog... no wonder you were at Hookipa today!

chris said...

Disgusting video, how can these bastards sleep at night and how can you eat dolfin meat ?!!! Think the Japanese worked to much to aford colored TV and shit, so they left their humanity at work. When these people get retired, they don’t know what to do anymore, sitting uselessly on the nerves of their wifes that much that they get divorced in the end, I heard.
Gonna keep it like ponobill, no Japanese products, if I can avoid it, hopefully I fail the drug screen for my job application at the local Japanese air-conditioner factory, eheheh!
Cammar, could watch all the photos (and leave the surf mag in the shop again!), works, at least under Windows. Terrible falloff…, great windsurfing pics and videos.
Bill Wise rest in peace, gonna dedicate my next session to you! For stoked people mastering this destiny … don ‘t like thinking bout that, better I watch out on everything slightly dangerous in my life.
No only the conditions on Cabo Verde were I good shape, the pro’s….incredible!!! All those massive off the lip rotations, how talented and brave these guys are!!! Normally only fishes can have fun in those waves.
Some waves today here in Belgium, still spring, tomorrow wind, uh, the sun is shining…, yep!
You guys have a nice weekend…!

Hang loose,

cammar said...

Again, when you eat your next steak... do you think the cow was killed in any better way?
At least the dolphins lived part of their lives as wild and free animals.
Cows in industrial farms are born and grown up in small cages. And by eating them, you're eating antibiotics and hormones.