Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tropical energy games day 3

Two posts tonight (yesterday I played with my friends Corinne and Tony and I didn't have time). If you haven't read it yet, day 2 is just below this.

At this point, I would go down and read that first, because I like things in chronological order... it makes me feel safe.
But for your extreme luck you're not me, so you do what you want...

Another great day at the beach. Today they started with the longboard surfing contest.
Great performances in shitty windy conditions. We call this "Maui glass", the announcer said...
Bonga Perkins and Paia firefighter Pat Fukuda impressed me the most.
They surfed till 11.30 when it got really too windy and the windsurfing contest was run.
Not many photo, because there were only two semifinals and then I had to judge the final (they needed an extra judge).
This is the only main page worthy one. Robby Naish in the late phase of a push loop in the warmup. A bit dark, prolly wrong settings.

The other main page worthy photo is Kalama with a wig.
He looks like the napolitan singer Pino Daniele (a few years ago... when he had long hair).

Here you find the other photos.

Keith Taboul won the windsurfing category with Sean Ordonez second and Robby Naish third.
I don't know who won the longboard contest because most of the final was run under the rain and I was stuck at the lookout where I went to check out a band playing live reggae music...
I'll post it tomorrow.

Ah, tomorrow: SUP surfing at 7.30 and then maybe tandem surfing, canoe surfing, open Kamahaina windsurf expression session... who knows.

AND, photos of Laird standing up at Jaws on Thursday on Bill's blog. No comment.


Robin said...

Not being you but did scroll down to day 2, couldn't help myself. Another 2 good posts nice to see all these icons out playing. Bit surprised to see Albeau out there as well, would have thought that he would be at Cabo Verde by now to participate in the PWA wavecontest that starts in a couple of days). Must be a mather of time before Longboard Sailing is one of the disciplines as well, can you imagine?! With all the stoke you have going on for longboard sailing some of it brushed of, meaning I ordered a longboard for sailing (one of Sean's sticks) as well. Most likely to be one of the first out here in Holland, can't wait until the board arives!

Enjoy the rest of the games.

cammar said...

today there should be the open category of windsurfing. If the wind wasn't blowing 30+, I would have done it with the longboard.
I did it in the 2004 Aloha classic (I was judging and didn't have to pay the entrance fee...).
I had my first windsurfing hero Alex Aguera in my heat, who passed by me after I did a pivot jibe and said:"nice turn!".
I thought I was dreaming...
I must have a photo of that... got to look for it and post it one of these days...
Anyway, have fun with your new board!

BNJ said...

Cool picture of Kalama, I snorted coffee on my keyboard. The guy always looks kind of fat until you realize that he's about as soft as a fireplug. I wonder if he'll do the canoe surfing today. He's amazing. I was out on the North Shore (out of Maliko Gultch) in the Hobie trimaran kayak a couple of weeks ago in pretty scary weather: ten foot swells and 20+ knot wind. Kalame launched his canoe about the same time we were leaving the gultch and heading upwind. When we finally turned around we passed him just above Spreks. He was happily paddling along.

PonoBill said...

I realized no one would understand my comment above, so here's the link for the Hobie Trimaran I was talking about. We should go out and play on these things someday soon Giampaolo, they're a hoot. I've got two of them.

cammar said...

Bill, those things look like a lot of fun.
I'm so in!
Gimme a call next light wind small waves day, you got my number...

Korey said...


Great post again, it is good to see just how complete watermen those guys are. Robby Naish on a long board, I just love that. I E Mailed that to a friend a big Robby fan who believes, Long Boards Are For Fags.He is going to eat his words.

cammar said...

tell your friend that every form of wave riding has equal dignity.