Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tropical energy games day 4

The day started with the Stand Up Paddle surfing contest.

The conditions were almost a joke with a strong wind with gusts up to 30 knots on the peak at Pavillions (more shaded on the inside). Nonetheless, the display of skill by a few competitors was quite impressive.
Bonga Perkins dominated. I don't know how, but he landed this one.

More action from the SUP surfing final.

After that, they ran a keiki surf contest and after that a kamahaina windsurf expression session. Skyler Haywood won it and Jeff Sutherland took second. He was bummed about his performance and he left saying:"whatever place other than last, it would be a steal."
Well brah, since you're not a thief, I'll have to keep the shorts I got in your place at the reward ceremony...
Here's his effective way of carrying all the gear with one hand (click on the photo and look at Glenn focused face while he's about to give Jeff an unexpected surprise... this photo cracks me up!).

Talking of reward ceremony, the food at the Luau was good (or we were was just hungry... as somebody suggested), the hawaiian music was excellent, but the bad news is that there will be one more car contributing to the traffic in the Kuau neighborhood. Kiva Rivers, in fact, thanks to his 1st place in the shortboard, 2nd in the longboard (Perkins was 1st and Pat Fukuda 3rd), and 2nd in SUP surfing won a brand new Jeep Wrangler and the title of best waterman of the games. Perkins was second and Robby Naish third.

In the freesailing session, Glenn threw a few of his backloops. He was on Fire...

More photos of the day here.
Here, instead a peculiar beach attire.

The sunset left me speechless.

And it's not over yet! Tomorrow there will be the tandem surfing and canoe surfing contests. I'll give my foot one more day of rest (the rest is paying back: the cut is clean and healing pretty fast) and I may be back in the water on Tuesday.
Boy, without this contest it would have been a lot harder...


Bill said...

I can't believe the photos you get with a simple camera. I'm going to stop making excuses when i shoot stuff with my point and shoot. the problem is obviously with the operator, not the equipment

cammar said...

My camera is simple, but pretty good. It's got a good focus and and a great 12x optical zoom.
I love it.

Ben said...

Glenn rips. I saw him sail at sprecks when we were there in october and the stuff he did just blew me away. I can't wait to come to maui again!
Hopefully I'll post photos of my new superfreak soon...

meesh said...

love the photos. why did kiva get the car - did the kite and windsurf contest not count?

did they do any womens events at all?

stunner of a sunset last night - unbelievable

thanks for the contest coverage

cammar said...

Ben, believe or not the move I like more of Glenn is the tack on the inside. He does that even better the backloops!

Meesh, the combined ranking was took into account the best results in three disciplines. That's why Kiva and Bonga were 1st and 2nd even though they didn't compete in windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Nope, no girls ufortunately.

Victor said...

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