Friday, August 01, 2008

1st of August appreciation post - Busting down the door

What's to appreciate about August 1st?

The fact that it's only two more months and we'll be back to winter swells... can't wait!
I went to see the movie Busting down the door yesterday and all those north shore waves had me day dreaming...

Great movie, by the way. Here's an article that describes it quite well.
I wonder if there's any way to read the original Busting down the door article by Rabbit Bartholomew.
I left a request on this other article on surfermag, we'll see...
Anyway, the movie is now at the Maui Megaplex, so if you missed it yesterday you still got time to go see it.

In the meantime, the pro surfers that nowadays enjoy the dream life that those guys created back in the 70s are scoring perfect big barrels in the Somewhere in Indonesia Rip Curl contest. Check the video on demand page, click on day 1 and select the highlights.
Love the Bruce Irons tube and, of course, Kelly's switch stance trick.

I hate posts without photos, so here are a couple of an old friend of mine...

Oh, August 1st! The first reader that happen to drive to La Perouse is kindly requested to post a comment (to whatever the last post of this blog will be then) and let us know if the LP parking is accessible and if it's possible to do the 10 minutes walk that takes to the actual surf spot. Thanks.


meesh said...

I'll be sniffing around that area on the next decent south swell GP... unless my curiousness gets the better of me beforehand.

Michelle A. said...

Hey, there was an article in Maui News about what areas in LP were open. Here's a snippet...

"While much of the reserve is restricted, several popular spots remain open. They are: Waiala (Kanahena) Cove, the coastal area along Ahihi Bay and the "Dumps" surf break, otherwise known as the Maonakala area, which features an unpaved parking lot.

"The road that runs through the reserve, Makena-Keoneoio Road, remains open. It provides access to La Perouse Bay, which has not been closed to the public. But people may not venture onto the lava rock alongside the road to La Perouse.

"Closed areas include the unofficial trails to Kalua o Lapa (cinder cone area); Kalaeloa, known as the "Aquarium"; and Mokuha, also known as the "Fishbowl.'"

Here's the link if you want to read the rest of the article.

Anonymous said...

saw busting down the door last night at Dole Cannery Theaters. Great movie, loved the tales of the black short boys and how they enforced the rules back then. It was just a great movie with some awesome footage and still shots of those guys back in the late 70's.