Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jeff at Upper's

A sweet little video that shows Jeff Henderson in a typical summer time day with a very little wind swell and a very flashy Superfreak. Enjoy.

Youtube high quality.

Youtube standard quality.


George Markopoulos said...

great video! I miss Maui every day.

oyaji said...

Hello, cammer

I am always watching your interesting blog.

This video is very splendid.

May I put this video on my blog?

oyaji from Japan

wsurfn1426 said...


That is a great little video. It is well edited, good music, great point of view, but mostly it shows how fun windsurfing can be without being all about extreme. The shot of Jeff's back loop while you are jumping is classic.

Nice job again. Made my day.


Bill said...

Yea! Great vid! Definitely, showcases the FUN factor, and that feeling of "Damn, I want to be there too!"

Waiting for windless August to end here in Hatteras!


cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.

Oyaii, go ahed. Everyone can use videos and photos out of this blog, as long as you mention the source.

Editing videos is a potentially never ending task. There's always the possibility of making them better, but at one point I just say:"ok, stop. I'll publish it now..."

Not much editing instead in this one.
God, I love fying fish!
In my rare slalom sessions at sunset (Hookipa-Maliko-Hookipa) I see tons of them! They fly all around my board and we just play together.
One day I'll get one in the calf...

Sergey said...

Wow. George expressed it perfectly above.

Note jibe and wave ride looking back filming Jeff - respect.

benjaminpink said...

Hi GP, great video.
what kind of board is Jeff riding here?

Jeff H said...

Damn, you look me look good!

cammar said...

thanks for noticing that. A few seconds later in that segment (but I cut it out), Jeff gets very close to me and I say to him, still looking back at him:
"I'm quite impressed by my no look jibe... Hey, is there anyone in front of me right now?"...
Clearly, you can't do something like that on a busy day at Hookipa...
That's a bit the limit of the helmet cam: it always shoots where you look.

that's Jeff's high wind board. He says it's a 55l, and I believe it's a custom Karl Hill.
I tried it and I really like it. The thing I like most, is that it's thin and the rails bite the water really nice.
Kind of old school, at least compared to the really compact shorter but thicker boards that are around nowadays... Again, I really like its thinness.

Jeff, it's the Freak that makes you look good, so thank yourself...

Riccardo said...

These are the perfect condition for me and the perfect sail, size, color...
I like also glassy waves with soft breeze, but the more condition are perfect ant the more is too crovded to surf...
I will be in Maui a day....
it's my dream since 2001..

Anonymous said...

In this video clip "Jeff at Upper's" You have captured the quintessence of the summer Maui outside reef experience. Aloha ,Olaf

cammar said...

what a coincidence! 2001 is when I moved to Maui and started writing articles on Windnews... ;-)

yep, that's a pretty typical summer time day (actually a slightly above the average day, since some days it's completely flat even at Uppers...).
Can't wait for the real waves to be back... coming up soon!
Hurry up (and good luck) with your recovery!

Riccardo said...

There are many concidence..., becouse in 2001 i should come there (i had saved some money to came in october), but after 11/9 ( i had i friend of mine there wating for me) and after the Linate accident (where another friend of mine died) my father said:
" You don't go"..
So ....i was so young a now i'am still here...
But after i should spend my moneys and i went to Fuerteventura, a nice
place to go... There waves were alwais glassy....