Sunday, August 17, 2008

well overhead I said... (+ Barbados amarcord)


Ok, ok, I'm just kidding... that's Anders Bringdal in a day of last January.
Why do I publish it? 'Cause I don't have any photos of the last couple of days.
I got a bug again and had to stay in bed for 48 hours straight (actually I'm still there) with a temperature that went up to 102.3 (39c)... not fun. Sick during a weekend with a swell... good timing!
Now I'm getting slightly better (in fact, I'm posting).

So, how was it you guys?
I quickly checked Hoo on Friday at 1 and it looked chest to shoulder high and a lot of fun. The buoy did build a little more, but I doubt it went up to the height I wrongly forecasted.
The good thing of having to stay home is that I didn't have to go through the many "hey GP, where's those overhead waves?!" I would have received at the beach...
Anyway, Hookipa sailors please post a comment and let me know what I missed.
Reminder for everyone: on this blog the comments are moderated. That means that once you submit one, it won't appear immediately, but I will have to approve it first. I wish there was a message explaining that, but evidently there's not, since once in a while some people leave the same comment many times, probably wondering why it doesn't show...

What else? Here, check these couple of links taken from the web page of the italian newspaper La Repubblica:
This is the Leryn Franco, who is a Paraguayan athlete competing at the Olympics in the javelin throw... stunning!

And this is something that doesn't really need a comment (wait a few seconds and english subtitles will appear).

Talking about Olympics, did you know that NBC webcasts live some disciplines? Clearly only the ones that they considered minor and clearly sailing is between them and clearly they never really show windsurfing...
Here's their online daily schedule.
And this is the schedule of all the sailing races, from which you can see that the RS:X class (that'll be windsurfing) started last Monday. Too bad I can't seem to find an updated version of the standings...

Italian windsurfer Alessandra Sensini will enter the games for the fourth time, in search of another gold medal after the one she won in Sidney in 2000.
Not that I care too much about formula racing and huge sails pumping (8.5 for women and 9.5 for men) in light wind, but I met Alessandra in Barbados and she's a super nice girl (who can totally rip in the waves), so... good luck Alessandra!

Mmm... after a feverish nap, I went to see if I had any photos from that vacation in Barbados and... there she is, the one on the left! The dork in the middle is me (notice the shorts, but we're in the 90s...) and I have no idea who's the girl on the right.

This one, instead, I remember quite well. A spectacular windsurfing bum from the wonderful city of Rome.

And here's the same girl twenty years later...

Just kidding!
These are the fun conditions that we were blessed with: kind of onshore, but fun jumping and backside riding... and sunny and very warm!

Lastly, my equipment back then: a Fanatic 258 and a North Vertigo... geez, I would love to give both a spin nowadays and see how they feel!


Lano said...

OMG, loved the old photos!

I cant believe you are sick again? Must be too much of a good thing....

cammar said...

I can't believe it either! This is so unusual!

Glad you liked the photos... how's that bench action?
Not me sitting with my gear... I mean the guy in Hong Kong!

Nelisblog said...

wow Cammar,

Nice design on one of the the picture's.
Typical nineties shape:
- No Nose(can not been seen in picture)
-round rails
-volume placed in the back ;-)

Sharon said...

Great post and some things never change, once an ass man....

I think you should recreate that last photo every 10 years or so wearing the same style shorts!

Andrea Pagan's Blog said...

i know who is... the girl in the right side....