Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the 2010 Launiupoko Ole longboard classic

Organized by Hi-Tech surf shop, this is an annual event held in Maui's most family friendly surf spot: the lovely Launiupoko beach park.

Since I work for those guys, I was able to trade the entry fee of $25 with some work (I had to be there at 5.30am to set up the tent and everything) and that, as you are about to learn, was a really good thing.

The Open Men division saw some really good surfing, but I'm going to focus more on the fun/family aspect of the event.

Let's start with the Menehune, shall we? How's this kid's focus?

Wrong way!

The tandem division was pretty fun to watch.

Got to practice that a bit more.

Definitely my favorite pose.

Are these guys having fun or what?


My favorite division: the junior wahine. Oh my...

Oh my...

Oh my again... (she deserves two)

How did I do, I hear someone saying?
Well, let me first assure you that everyone caught plenty waves.
Even 80 years old legendary shaper Bob "Ole" Olson (to whom the contest is named after).

Even his wife!

Everyone caught waves and had fun... except me.

The heats were of six men and 15 minutes long and mine happened to have only one set in it. I let the first wave go and went for the second one. The Lahaina side peak is mainly a right and I was too deep and had two more people on my right, so I thought to let those two guys fight for the right and go left. But the guy next to me decided to go left too and I had to kick out.
After that, nothing, absolutely nothing came through.
I was sitting there, looking at the ocean and thinking: "thank god I didn't have to drop any cash, otherwise this would really suck..."

Anyway, mine was just an unlucky heat, the other ones had plenty waves.
I'll take that as a sign. I just don't think I'm cut for competitions. I'm the world champion at having fun, who cares who surfs better...
But I do enjoy watching them! That's why I had a great day anyway.

Well, that was Saturday.
The day before I lucked into some great waves on a 10.0.
Sunday and Monday I had two great sessions on a 5.10 fish.
Today (Tuesday) I had a blast on my Starboard 7.4 standup.

Without being epic by any means, this summer is treating me much better than I would have expected.
And there's one main thing I have to thank for that: the fact that I broke my foot at the end of March.
If that didn't happen I would have spent my summer lazily sailing at Hookipa in my least favorite conditions (strong wind and messy/small windswell). Instead, since I could surf way earlier than I could windsurf, I've been driving pretty much every day to the south shore and scoring some unexpected super fun sessions.

There's always something positive out of everything.
God bless broken feet.


wally said...

It's your destiny. You were meant to be a soul surfer ...

cammar said...

Right. Also because I'm not good enough to a competitive one... :)

Anonymous said...

Its your destiny - you are meant to be a Wind Surfer! Lets have a longboard windsurfing comp????

Sharon said...

awww, happy feet, happy post & thanks for spreading the happy feeling.

Oli said...

Real surf!

Alex Cortez said...

Wow, the junior Wahine looks like a great class for the avid watcher to enjoy! ;-)