Monday, August 23, 2010

south shore report

This not so impressive south swell season continues and I continue to make the most of it.

Thursday finally the buoy went up to 4 feet and that means that the spots on the Wailea side were working. I surfed my favorite wave on Maui and that's always an awesome thing to do!

Then I stopped by to take photos of the massive shore break at Makena, but that's always a difficult thing to do. These are my best efforts.

Friday instead it was small enough already to suggest a return to the Lahaina side.
I put my gopro on the 6.6 and these are a few decent shots that show the glassiness of the waves, the shining sun and the beauty of the surrounding.
I love surfing the south shore.

I wish I really had arms that long.

Nice wall.

Stunning beautiful (that'll be the background).

Stunning beautiful (that'll be my body).

Underwater balls scratching while waiting for the set.

Didn't get too many video clips. I think this is a funny one that shows how some waves are just not meant to be caught.

Allright, I'll add one more just because I start seeing a tiny little bit of improvement in my short board technique. As a confirmation of that, at the end of this session, for the very first time, the most sore muscles I had were the legs'. That felt promising.

To give my surfing muscles a rest (and also because the swell pretty much faded), yesterday I went windsurfing at Hookipa. There were some fun windswell waves and I did one hour of wave riding (or whatever you can call my rather poor performance). Result: this morning my foot is sore.
Fortunately there's a new small south swell on the rise (1 foot, 16 sec this am at the Lanai buoy), so screw windsurfing and hopefully there will be some waves to surf this evening.


Chris Freeman and Jimmie Hepp organized a cool jumping contest at Hookipa.
Here you can vote for your favorite photo.

Blog reader Jonas published the first issue of an online Swiss windsurfing magazine.

Fabrice Beaux's last video effort.


Anonymous said...

Photos are awesome!!!!

Jo :)

Sharon said...

Holy shmoly guacamole-that shore break is a wild beast.

Hope that's not bacteria doing the hula on your balls!

meesh said...

Love the shorebreak shots. Is that a lifeguard hut I see at the end of the beach??!!! Finally someone got a clue?!

cammar said...

Thanks Jo!

Sharon, this time they went for a tap dance.

Meesh, yes finally there's now two lifeguard towers at Makena. They were quite busy on the megaphone.
PS. Did you charge your phone today?

Anonymous said...

longboard francais.
juste pour toi!

Anonymous said...

Love those waves, bet they were noisy as well !


cammar said...

Tres bon, merci!!!

Anne, very loud indeed.

alexandra said...


Anonymous said...

Where was that break that you where like a mile out and added a caption saying "nice wall" on your photo.

cammar said...

A mile out???

Don't be deceived by the wide angle of the gopro...